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CC- <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />County of Jefferson <br />In the Matter of: } <br />Certification of Compliance } <br />for CDBG Public Services Grant } RESOLUTION NO. 12 -14 <br />WHEREAS, Jefferson County is applying to the State Department of Commerce <br />for funding assistance; and, <br />WHEREAS, it is necessary that certain conditions be met as part of the <br />application; and, <br />WHEREAS, Philip Morley, County Administrator, is authorized to submit this <br />application to the State of Washington, on behalf of Jefferson County; and, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Jefferson County <br />Commissioners authorizes submission of this application to the Washington State Department of <br />Commerce to request $99,249.00 to fund public service activities in coordination with the <br />Olympic Community Action Programs, and certifies that, if funded, it: <br />➢ Will comply with applicable provisions of Title I of the Housing and Community <br />Development Act of 1974, as amended and other applicable State and federal laws; <br />➢ Has provided opportunities for citizen participation comparable to the State's <br />requirements (those described in Section 104(a)(2)(3) of the Housing and Community <br />Development Act of 1974, as amended); has complied with all public hearing <br />requirements and provided citizens, especially low- and moderate- income persons, with <br />reasonable advance notice of and the opportunity to present their views during the <br />assessment of community development and housing needs, during the review of available <br />funding and eligible activities, and on the proposed activities; <br />➢ Has provided technical assistance to citizens and groups representative of low- and <br />moderate- income persons that request assistance in developing proposals; <br />➢ Will provide opportunities for citizens to review and comment on proposed changes in <br />the funded project and program performance; <br />➢ Will not use assessments against properties owned and occupied by low- and moderate - <br />income persons or charge user fees to recover the capital costs of CDBG- funded public <br />improvements from low- and moderate - income owner- occupants; <br />➢ Will establish a plan to minimize displacement as a result of activities assisted with <br />CDBG funds; and assist persons actually displaced as a result of such activities, as <br />provided in the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies <br />Act of 1970, as amended; <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />