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IIM <br />J STATE OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF JEFFERSON <br />In the matter of: x <br />Creating a County project x RESOLUTION NO. 15 -14 <br />designated as: Upper Hoh Road/Olympic x <br />National Park FLAP MP 0.0 —12.0 x <br />County Project Number 1805951941 x <br />x <br />IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Upper Hoh Road, County Road No. 914207 , from <br />M.P. 0 to M.P. 12 , be improved as follows: <br />Provide bank stabilization, bridge rehabilitation, and culvert replacement at up to four locations <br />identified in an engineering assessment conducted by Western Federal Lands Highway Division <br />in 2013. The locations at MP 3.7 — 4.0, MP 4.4, MP 7.6, MP 7.8 and MP 10.2 have been <br />prioritized and will be designed and constructed based on prioritization and available funding. <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that an appropriation from the officially adopted road fund budget and <br />based on the County Engineer's estimate is hereby made in the amounts and for the purpose shown: <br />PURPOSE <br />LOCAL FUNDS <br />STATE & FEDERAL <br />FUNDS* <br />TOTAL PROJECT <br />FUNDING <br />Engineering <br />$ 206,820 <br />$ 1,325,180 <br />$ 1,532,000 <br />Right of Way <br />$ 100,000 <br />$ 100,000 <br />Construction <br />$ 12,334,000 <br />$ 12,334,000 <br />TOTAL <br />$ 206,820 <br />$ 13,759,180 <br />$ 13,966,000 <br />* State and Federal funds will not pass through the County. This project is to be designed and managed <br />by Federal Highways— Western Federal Lands. <br />X This project is included in the officially adopted annual road program as Item No. 18 <br />The project is hereby made a part of the officially adopted annual road program in accordance <br />with R.C.W. 36.81.130. <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that: <br />The construction is to be accomplished by contract in accordance with R.C.W. 36.77.020 et. seq. <br />The construction is to be accomplished by County forces in accordance with R.C.W. 36.77.065 <br />and W.A.C. 136.18. <br />X Western Federal Lands will design and manage this project and be responsible for contracting <br />and payments. <br />1 <br />