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STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON <br />RESOLUTION NO 18 -14 <br />In the Matter of Application for } <br />Grant Funding Assistance to the } <br />Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account, } <br />Recreation and Conservation Office, for the <br />Olympic Discovery Trail Discovery Bay <br />Segment A, Phase 2 Project <br />This is a resolution that authorizes submitting application(s) for grant funding assistance for Aquatic Lands <br />Enhancement Account project(s) to the Recreation and Conservation Office as provided in Revised Code of <br />Washington 79.105.150, Washington Administrative Code 286, and subsequent Legislative action. <br />WHEREAS, under the provisions of the Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA), state grant <br />assistance is requested to aid in financing the cost of development and restoration; and <br />WHEREAS, our organization considers it in the best public interest to complete the project described <br />in the application(s); <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that: <br />1. The Director of Public Works is authorized to make formal application to the Recreation and <br />Conservation Office for grant assistance; <br />2. Any grant assistance received will be used for direct costs associated with implementation of the <br />project referenced above; <br />3. Jefferson County hereby certifies that our matching share of project funding will be derived from a <br />Recreation and Conservation Office Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant and County <br />road funds and that we are responsible for supporting all non -cash commitments to this project <br />should they not materialize; <br />4. We acknowledge that the grant assistance, if approved, will be paid on a reimbursement basis, <br />meaning we will only request payment from the Recreation and Conservation Office after eligible <br />and allowable costs have been incurred and payment remitted to our vendors, and that the Recreation <br />and Conservation Office will hold retainage until the project is deemed complete; <br />5. We acknowledge that any facility developed and /or property restored through grant assistance from <br />the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board must be reasonably maintained and made available <br />to the general public unless other restrictions have been agreed to by the Recreation and <br />Conservation Office Director or the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board; <br />6. We acknowledge that any facility developed and/or property restored with grant assistance from the <br />Recreation and Conservation Funding Board must be dedicated for public purposes and be retained <br />and maintained for perpetuity otherwise provided and agreed to by our organization and the <br />Recreation and Conservation Funding Board; <br />7. This resolution becomes part of a formal application to the Recreation and Conservation Office for <br />grant assistance; and <br />8. We provided appropriate opportunity for public comment on this application. <br />