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1 <br />TAXPAYER INFORMATION BULLETIN <br /> Jeff Chaman, Jefferson County Assessor <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION <br />FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, DISABLED PERSONS & DISABLED VETERANS <br /> NOTE: Changes in red apply to taxes levied for collection in 2020 and thereafter <br /> <br /> <br />These exemption programs help eligible individuals on a limited income (household income of <br /> $40,000 or less) to pay property taxes. It freezes the application year’s value of the <br />primary residence and up to five acres, depending on the zoning of the land. It exempts all <br />excess levies as well as the state school levy part 2, and may exempt a portion of regular levies. <br />The Assessor will continue to establish the market value of the home as required by law. <br /> <br />Participation in this program: <br />1. Freezes the value of the residence as of January 1 of the qualifying year <br />2. Provides a reduction in property taxes with no lien placed against the property <br /> <br />ELIGIBILTY REQUIREMENTS <br /> <br />1. Age or Disability <br />Senior Citizens must be 61 years of age on December 31 of the qualifying year for relief of the <br />next year’s taxes. <br /> <br />Disabled persons have no age limit but must be unable to be gainfully employed because of <br />the disability. A doctor’s statement listing beginning date and duration of disability OR Social <br />Security Disability income would be considered Proof of Disability. This documentation must be <br />presented at time of application. <br /> <br />Veterans with an 100% 80% Service Connected Disability Rating or Receiving Total <br />Disability Compensation have no age limit but must have documentation from Department <br />of Veterans Affairs, i.e. VA Benefits Award Letter. This Proof of Disability must be presented at <br />time of application. <br />2. Home Ownership <br />The property must be the primary home, a share ownership in a cooperative housing unit, or a <br />mobile home, even if you do not own the land. You must occupy the home for more than six <br />months nine months each year. The home must be on the assessment rolls as a living <br />unit. <br /> <br />You must own or be purchasing the home for which the exemption is claimed. The owner must <br />retain full use of the property for revocable trust agreements and be able to revoke the trust and <br />take back ownership at any time. Irrevocable trusts qualify if they can be deemed a life estate. <br /> <br />A home owned by a married couple, domestic partners, or co-tenants is considered owned by <br />each person. Domestic partners must be registered with the Office of the Secretary of State. A <br />co-tenant is a person who has an ownership interest in the residence and lives in the home. Only <br />one person must meet the age or disability requirement. Property used as a vacation home is not <br />eligible for the exemption program.