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<br />"Seller" shall include any individual, assignee, receiver, trustee in bankruptcy., <br />trust, estate, firm, co-partnership, joint venture, cl~b., company, joint stock company, <br />business trust, corporation, municipal or quasi-municipal corporation, association, . <br />society, or any group of individuals acting as a unit, whether mutual, co-operative., <br />fraternal, non-profit or othervdse, but shall not include the United States or the <br /> <br />state of Washington,. <br /> <br />"Selling price" shall mean the consideration,., in money or anything of value, <br />pa1dor delivered or contracted to be paid or delivered in return for the transfer <br />of the real property or estate or interest therein and shall include the amount of <br />any lien, mortgag~, contract indebtedness, or other incumbrance given to secure PSf- <br />ment of the purchase price or any part thereof., or remaining unpaid on such property <br />at the time of such sale, including the amount of any lien or encumbrance existing <br /> <br />against the property and agreed to be paid by the purchaser~ but shall not include the <br />- - - <br /> <br />amount .2f !:El outstanding ~ .2!:. encumbrance E! favor ~f.!!!. United St~tes, !!!! state, <br />~ ! municipal; corporation !2!: taxes, special benefit~, ~ improvement~. <br /> <br />SECTION II <br /> <br />There is hereby levied and there shall be collected by the Treasurer on each <br /> <br />sale of any real property situated in <br />per cent of the selling prica. <br /> <br />JmtRSOII <br /> <br />County a tax equal to one <br /> <br />SECTION III <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />The tax imposed by this ;.ordinance shall be the obligation of the seller and the <br /> <br />treasurer may proceed to oollect the same from the seller by a civil action for debtl <br />PROVIDED, the tax shall also constitute a lien against the real property, the sale of <br />which is involved, untU paid and ~ be enforced by the treasurer in the manner <br />prescribed for the foreclosure of mortgages} PROVIDED FURTHER, an election on the <br />part of the treasurer to pursue one remedy shall in no event operato to waive his <br /> <br />right to pursue the other remedy until the full tax, together with interest, penalty, <br />and costs shall have been recovered. <br /> <br />SECTION rJl <br /> <br />The tax herein levied shall be paid to and collected by the treasurer who shall <br />cause to be affixed to the instrument of sale an appropriate stamp or stamps evidenc- <br />ing satisfaction of the lien imposed hereunder and shall further issue a receipt <br />acknowledging such payment which receipt shall be evidence of the satisfaction of <br />the lien imposed hereunder and may be recorded in the manner prescribed for recording <br />satisfaction of mortgages,. <br /> <br />-2- <br />