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Cc : ~ A 7 7~8~0~' <br />Ca-ie officer <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />Jefferson County <br />Master Land Use Application } <br />MLA08-00008: An Ordinance Amending } <br />Jefferson County's Comprehensive } Ordinance No. 07-0707-08 <br />Plan for the Proposed Irondale/ } <br />Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area } <br />Whereas, the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan was amended through Ordinance <br />Number 10-0823-04, adopted August 23, 2004, to include an "Urban Growth Area <br />Element" as Chapter 2 of the Plan; <br />WJzereas, the Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board issued Final <br />Decision and Orders for Case Nos. 04-2-0022 and 03-2-0010 on May 31 2005, and <br />Compliance Orders, May 30, 2006, finding non-compliance on issues relating to <br />Jefferson County's establishment of anon-municipal urban growth area (UGA) in the <br />Irondale and Port Hadlock azea; <br />Whereas, the WWGMHB issued an Order Finding Continuing Noncompliance and <br />Granting Additional Time for Compliance on Apri19, 2007, regarding those remaining <br />compliance issues identified in the May 31, 2005 Final Decision and Order and May 30, <br />2006 Compliance Order; <br />Whereas, Ordinance 04-0702-07 made amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and <br />Jefferson County Code in `good faith' effort to comply with the rulings issued May 30, <br />2006 and Apri19, 2007, in Case Nos. 04-2-0022 and 03-2-0010, respectively; <br />Whereas, the WWGMHB found Jefferson County noncompliant with three "minor <br />issues" outlined in the Final Decision and Order dated February 8, 2008, of Case No. 07- <br />2-0012, Irondale Community Action Neighbors v. Jefferson County, giving the County <br />the deadline of July 10, 2008 for compliance; <br />W/zereas, the Planning Agency of Jefferson County consisting of the Planning <br />Commission and the Department of Community Development's Long Range Planning <br />Division have made `good faith' efforts to comply thereto; <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />