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001 76[Icon] CRP No. 401: Improve Prospect Avenue; County Road No. 12-1-78 by surfacing
002 76[Icon] Authorization to pay Allied Data from Revenue Sharing Account No. 50100
003 76[Icon] Hearing Notice: Emergency Budget Extension: Sheriff's Office
004 76[Icon] Intent to Vacate: Rose Street and Unnamed Street in Josephine Campbells Addition to Quilcene
005 76[Icon] Order: Budget Extension: Sheriff's Office
006 76[Icon] Transfer of Funds: Olympic Health District Pooling Fund
007 76[Icon] CRP No. 384: Improve West Valley Road County Road #22 by widening
008 76[Icon] CRP No. 402: Construct drainage ditch along Willow Street (Paradise)
009 76[Icon] CRP No. 403: North Mats Mats Access; to construct by grading, draining and surfacing
010 76[Icon] CRP No. 404: Improve Hazel Point Road, County Road #16-18-44 by surfacing
011 76[Icon] CRP No. 405: Improve Shine Road; County Road No. 6 by surfacing
012 76[Icon] Order of Vacation: Rose Street and Unnamed Street in Josephine Campbells Addition to Quilcene
013 76[Icon] Establishing a Special Warrant Account: Bicentennial Beautification Fund: Transfer of funds from Cur
014 76[Icon] Notice of Hearing: Budget Extension: Planning Department
014 76A[Icon] Order: Budget Extension: Planning Department (Marine Resources Bauline Study)
015 76[Icon] CRP No. 406: Belfrage Road County Road No. 12-12-26; Construct a Bridge Across Unnamed Creek (Replac
016 76[Icon] CRP No. 407: South Bogachiel Road; County Road No. 218; Construct a Bridge Across Hemphill Creek
017 76[Icon] CRP No. 408: Lower Hoh Road; County Road No. 214; Contruct a bridge Across Fossil Creek (Replace Bar
018 76[Icon] CRP No. 409: Improve Lower Hadlock Road; County Road No. 310; State Road Log No. 65290; realigning,
019 76[Icon] Establishing the Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services Council
020 76[Icon] Quit Claim Deed of County's Easement for Highway purposes to Wallace W. & Lulu B. Higdan (Successor
021 76[Icon] Emergency Budget Extension: Sheriff's Office (purchase of radar gun)
022 76[Icon] Order of Vacation: Portion of Lake Avenue and Lots 3 & 4 of Block 6; Gise's Addition (Albert Gilliam
023 76[Icon] CRP No. 410: Improve Chevy Chase - Cape George Road, State Road Log No. 6061
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