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1965 Resolution List[Icon]
C 607[Icon] District No. 3 Soils Department to perform soils surveys
C 608[Icon] Emergency appropriation for the SheriffΓÇÖs Department for increased deputies salaries in the amount
C 609[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the County Road Fund to the Portage Canal Bridge Fund
C 610[Icon] Intent to Vacate: All those portions of the streets in the Seahome Addition as recorded on Page 124
C 611[Icon] CRP No. 266; Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9
C 612[Icon] CRP No. 267; Dabob Road, County Road No. 16-3.99 and Lords Lake Road, County Road No. 30
C 613[Icon] CRP No. 268; Certain County Roads, bituminous surface treatment
C 614[Icon] CRP No. 269; Certain County Roads, bituminous surface treatment
C 615[Icon] CRP No. 265; The Director of Highways is authorized and directed to make expenditures as are necessa
C 616[Icon] Construction of a Federal Aid Project No. S-0497(7) & S-0496(4) road project
C 617[Icon] Vacation of the County Roads mentioned in C-610
C 618[Icon] Federal Aid Project No. S-0496(4) and S-0497(2) Quilcene - Center Road and Hadlock - Irondale Road
C 619[Icon] CRP. No. 271; Thorndyke Road, County Road No. 9
C 620[Icon] A levy of not to exceed 9 mills permissible by law with the constitutional 40 mill tax limit should
C 621[Icon] Designating Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 3, fixing the boundaries thereof, and prov
C 622[Icon] Transfer funds from the County Current Expend Fund to the County Fair Association
C 623[Icon] Disposition of $581,273.93 which is the counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road
C 624[Icon] CRP No. 272; Ness Corner to Hadlock, County Road No. 4, culvert at Chimacum Creek
C 625[Icon] CRP No. 273; Quilcene Streets, County Road No. 302
C 626[Icon] CRP No. 274; Linger Longer Road, County Road No. 28
C 627[Icon] Annexation of Land to Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 1 as follows: Sections 4 and Sec
C 628[Icon] Transfer additional funds to various County Departments to meet their budgets due to emergencies whi
Order[Icon] Vacation of a Portion of County Road No. 102; A. L. Johnson, C. W. Gunstone, Viva Gunstone, Charles
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