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<br />THE <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />o F <br /> <br />J U L Y <br /> <br />29th, <br /> <br />1 9 8 8 <br /> <br />the previous re-valuation of 1983 the improvements were assessed at <br />$58,315.00 and the land was $8,200.00. <br /> <br />The Board will take this petition under advisement. They will conduct <br />an on-site inspection before making their determination. <br /> <br />BOE-88-047-C Parcel Number: 957-306-701 <br />PETITIONER: JOANNA JACKSON was present. After being informed <br />of the proceedings of the Board she was sworn in. <br />ASSESSOR: ROBERT KINGSLEY was present as the representative <br />of the Assessor's Office. <br /> <br />The Hastings House of 313 Walker Street in Port Townsend is a three <br />story home built in 1889. It is now used as a Bed and Breakfast Inn. <br />The land size is 110 feet x 110 feet. The property is currently <br />assessed at: <br /> <br />Land: <br />Improvements: <br />Total Valuation: <br /> <br />$ 73,750.00 <br />$ 259,925,00 <br />$ 333,675.00 <br /> <br />Joanna and Robert Jackson purchased this property on June 27, 1987 for <br />$275,000,00. Terms were $100,000.00 down with the balance on a ten <br />year mortgage. The property is not currently listed for sale. Joanna <br />Jackson listed the Starrett House Inn, also a Bed and Breakfast, as <br />a comparable. This Inn at 744 Clay Street of Port Townsend sold in <br />October of 1986 for $265,000.00. The Jackson's contest the current <br />valuation as it is (1) Taxed at a value base above the market value <br />and purchase price (2) There are many faults and problems with this <br />property which will require a great deal of time and money to repair <br />it and bring it up to the current assessed valuation. The Jacksons <br />supplied the Board with the paperwork of the sale. The petitioners <br />request the valuation lowered to: <br /> <br />Land: <br />Improvements: <br />Total Valuation: <br /> <br />$ 73,750.00 <br />$ 201,250.00 <br />$ 275,000.00 <br /> <br />Mr. Kingsley states that the Assessor's Office will be re-valuing the <br />property in 1989, They do agree that the requested lower valuation <br />be $275,000.00. <br /> <br />Vice-Chairman Douglas, in light of the recommendation of Mr. Kingsley <br />and the information supplied by Mrs. Jackson, made a motion to adjust <br />the valuation of the property to $275,000.00, this being $73,750.00 <br />for the land and $201,250,00 for the improvements. Member Archie <br />Barber, Jr. seconded the motion, The motion was carried by unanimous <br />vote, <br /> <br />BOE-88-014-R Parcel Number: 921-094-002 <br />PETITIONER: NANCY TURNER BUTTS was present. she was informed <br />of the proceedings of the Board and sworn in. <br />ASSESSOR: ROBERT KINGSLEY was present as a representative of <br />the Assessor's Office. <br /> <br />The five room home has a garage and shop located in a metal building. <br />The homesite is one acre at 131 Lip Lip Lane, Nordland, washington. <br />This is Section 9, Township 29, Range 1 E. The property is not <br />currently listed for sale. It is presently assessed at: <br />Land: $ <br />Improvements: $ <br />Total Valuation: $ <br /> <br />42,850.00 <br />37,585,00 <br />80,435.00 <br /> <br />Nancy Butts is only contesting the valuation on the land, It was <br />raised from $30,000.00 in January 1983, January 1, 1988 it went to <br /> <br />2 <br />