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001 98[Icon] Adoption of Flexible Benefits Plan for County Employees (AFLAC)
002 98[Icon] Cancellation of Uncollectible Personal Property Taxes
003 98[Icon] Establishing 1998 Prosecuting AttorneyΓÇÖs Salary
004 98[Icon] Temporary Closure of Traffic on Upper Hoh Road
005 98[Icon] Order: Budget Appropriations/Extensions; Various County Budgets
006 98[Icon] Establishing a WSU Learning Center Program Account Fund
007 98[Icon] Establishing a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Fund
008 98[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
009 98[Icon] Intent to Privatize All or a Portion of Community Based Drug and Alcohol Services
010 98[Icon] Allowing for Certain Properties to be Subdivided below the Mapped base Density Contained in the Inte
011 98[Icon] Re-Annexation of Areas into Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 5 that were Previously Wit
012 98[Icon] Declaring Property Surplus and Establishing a Public Hearing Date for the Sale of Surplus Property t
013 98[Icon] Accepting Bid for Moderate Risk Waste Recycling/Disposal Services Project #SW1170; Advanced Environm
014 98[Icon] Revising the Annual 1998 Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
015 98[Icon] Establishing a Special Fund to be Known as the Section 125 Administration Fund
016 98[Icon] Surplus Property Declaration and Intention to Sell County Surplus Real Property
017 98[Icon] Establishing a Jefferson County Network, Internet, Intranet, and E-Mail and Voice Mail Use Policy
018 98[Icon] Accepting Bid to Supply and Install Telecommunications Cable at the Public Works Maintenance Shop; P
019 98[Icon] Accepting Bid to Supply and Install a Security Paging System at the Jefferson County Courthouse; Pro
020 98[Icon] Vacation of a Portion of Atlantic Avenue; Plat of Cove Addition; Julian & Susan Arthur
021 98[Icon] Authorizing Participation of the SheriffΓÇÖs Office Volunteer Reserve Officers in the State Board fo
022 98[Icon] Re-Establishment of Jefferson County Cash Drawer Amounts and Petty Cash Accounts in Various County D
023 98[Icon] Increasing the Fund Balance For the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) Stipend Program
024 98[Icon] Activating the Jefferson County Noxious Weed Control Board
025 98[Icon] Sale of Surplus Property to the Chimacum School District
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