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001 99[Icon] Establishing the Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 1999
002 99[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log: Woodridge Drive
003 99[Icon] Order re: 1998 Budget appropriations/extensions for various County Departments and other funds
004 99[Icon] Cancellation of Uncollectible Personal Property Taxes
005 99[Icon] HEARING NOTICE for Franchise to Construct, Operate, and Maintain a Pressurized Single Family Water L
006 99[Icon] Naming a Private Road: Moose Mountain Road
007 99[Icon] Postponing the Effective Date for Implementing the District Court Judge as a Full Time Position (Apr
008 99[Icon] Naming of a Private Road: Elkhorn Lane
009 99[Icon] Naming of a Private Road: Scenic View
010 99[Icon] Designating An Interim Director of Public Works/County Engineer (Frank Gifford)
011 99[Icon] Designating Certain County Roads as Primitive Roads (Replaces Resolution No. 3-91)
012 99[Icon] Supporting the Proposal for a Jefferson County Adult Learning Center as a Pilot Project for 1999-200
013 99[Icon] Franchise re: For a Single Family Residential Water Line; Olele Point Road; Pat and Odin Bakken, App
014 99[Icon] Declaring a disaster due to a winter storm over the weekend of January 30, 1999
015 99[Icon] Designation of Interim Public Works Director Frank Gifford As Agent for Jefferson County in Emergenc
016 99[Icon] Naming of a Private Road: Scenic View Lane; Kenneth & Geneva Edmonson, Donald Anton, Richard Rice, E
017 99[Icon] Temporary Closure of Traffic on Old Beaver Valley Road; County Road Number 503509, M.P. 0.70
018 99[Icon] Extending the Jefferson County Interim Emergency Controls Ordinance (EICO) for a Period of 6 Months
019 99[Icon] In support of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application for the acquisition of real pro
020 99[Icon] Adopting a Grievance Procedure Policy as a requirement of the State CDBG Program (See application ab
021 99[Icon] Naming a Private Road Elkhorn Ridge Way; George Barber, Lisa Caven, and Jeff Barber, Petitioners
022 99[Icon] Temporary Closure of Traffic on Killapie Beach Road Due Washouts Caused by Flooding and Erosion
023 99[Icon] Adopting a new organization for the Department of Community Development (Schedule A) 3 new positions
024 99[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as Center Road Overlay, Project #CR1370
025 99[Icon] Vacation of Portion Rhododendron Avenue and Portion of Holman Boulevard; Located off of Rhody Drive,
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