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<br />-- <br /> <br />BESOI.DTIO. <br /> <br />. <br />@~~ <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />ViHEBEAS: By Emergency aesolut'on B 202, an4 Resolution B 219 <br />of the Board of Jefferson Oounty Commissioners a 'total of .22,500 <br />has been transferred from the Current Expense Fund to the "Court <br />House Building Fund'. in contemplat1on ot a ptan't ot tunlls from the <br />Washington State Development Board to ass1st in making necessary <br />alterations and repairs to the Jetterson C6unty C&urt House, and <br />WHEREAS: The Washinston State Development Board has allocated <br />$67,485 to the Project No. 26-2-118 for "alterations anll repairs <br />of County Oourt House )1' Jetterson County", <br />NOW THEREFORE BE I'f RESOI.,VED: (1) 'lhat as provi4ed by re- <br />gulations ot the Washington State Develepment Board, the "Oourt <br />House Building Fund-, hence:tonh shall be known as the "Jetteraon <br />Oounty Court House Alterat10ns and Repaira- State Development <br />Fund "; (2) The allocat10n of the Waah1ngtoa State DeTelopment <br />Board, and the transfers heretofore author1zed to the "Court Hou.. <br />&ilding Fund", predecessor to the" Jet~er.on Oounty Court Hou.. <br />Alterations and Repairs .. State DevelopmeJlt ;fu.nd." ahall const1tute <br />the whole of said fund and ahall repre..nt the antiolpate4 con- <br />struotion con of 8ai4 projeot. Expenditures trom sa14 fund shall <br />be according to law and under repla:ti... as eatabl18hed by the <br />Washington State Developmen~ Board. <br /> <br />D&te:~7~ <br /> <br />Board of Jet~e~..n County Commissioners <br /> <br />~d--. ~- <br />h rmaa <br /> <br />_:._- /' / <br />-" <br />/ <br /> <br />lleInber <br /> <br />~{~ <br /> <br />-,"'-' <br /> <br /> <br /><i'~~ <br /> <br />-', .,.:'-~...~~ .',-, .,"";.! ",';',-.'~.~:';..;;.~. <br /> <br />",~~~" <br />