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<br />RESOLUTION NO. l33-A <br /> <br />WHT7'REAS, The Port of Port Townsend Commissioners, desire <br />to approve all monthly accounts payable by si~ning one <br />document rather than each indlvidual voucher, and <br />WHEREAS, The Office of State' Auditor, Division of Municipal <br />Corporations, on May 19, 1952, by a letter to the Port of <br />Grays Harbor approved the procedure, <br />NOW, THRR'F.F'ORE, BE IT RESOLVED that starting on November 1, <br />1956, it will be the policy of tbe Port of Port Townsend <br />Commissioners to approve vouchers for payment and authorize <br />the lssuance of warrants by signing a list which will indicate <br />the voucher number, to whom paid, amount and purpose of the <br />payment. <br />ADOPTFD this 4th day of October, 1956. <br /> <br />(Absent) <br /> <br />o/L ~'V0rr' <br />.VJ:~ <br /> <br />Attes'.t: <br /> <br />