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<br />,..- <br /> <br />~~" .......,.'.. ' .. <br />~~~~...;: <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />I-..,,-,'~..,' <br />, .. <br /> <br />~ <br />;'!..f' <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />1'" <br /> <br />RES 0 L UTI 0 N \ N O. C r, I ~- () <br /> <br />~""'~....-~--......., <br /> <br />V.'HEREAS, the Department of Highways ot'.the State or Washington, acting as <br />Agel1tof'ana'ror<the'Bureau of Public Roads of the. Department of ?ommerce of the <br />United States of Arne, ric,~' is desirous of construct1ng a Federal A1d Project__, No. <br />....".tJ.L in ,.&,,1..... County,over and across <br /> <br />~",.~:,.'"~,.,,.,';'.,..,".~ ,', <br /> <br />(Ii.......,,...,.."1- '1. ".""...,'...I...... <br />"....s.a......CIo..hP..'.... ...l-"'.,...a.....,'.. IcMmlhl) <br /> <br />It ..... Ruse 1 Baa', lVl12Aa.". ...41-. <br /> <br />~~;.-:.. <br /> <br />and <br /> <br />VffiEREAS, the Department of Highways of the State of Washington, acting as <br />Agent for the United States Bureau of Public Roads, is desirous of receiving Fed- <br />eral funds for the improvement of said road, and <br /> <br />'WHEREAS, the said Bureau of Public Roads of the Department of Commerce of <br />the United States of America will not participate in the construction of said road <br />until and unless the County of ..,t.... will agree to refrain from permitting <br />encroachment upon the right of way of said above-mentioned road, and until and un- <br />less the County ofl.t~'''tIl will agree to refrain from passing resolutions <br />affecting the free ~ic on said above-mentioned road or that will give <br />preference to local routes which intersect with said road, other than by the erec- <br />tion or installation of "slow" and/or "caution" 'signs or signals, or that will un- <br />reasonably hinder or delay traffic on said above-mentioned road, and until arld, un- .. <br />less the County of .'.t~ will agree, by suitable resolution, toaCloptthe <br />grades of the improvement as tne grades of the county road that is involved, and <br />agree to protect the State of Washington against any and all claims for damages on <br />account of any changes of grades and the construction of this improvement, and un- <br />til and unI~ss the County of let'... will agree to maintain said improvement <br />wi thin the limits of the County of ,.ttaN_ after the improvement has been <br />completed;' , <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Boa,rd of County Commissioners of <br />..,~county that for and in consideration of the Department of High- <br />ways 0 e tate of Washington and the Bureau of Public Roads of the Department <br />of Commerce of the United States of America constructing said road and routing <br />traffic on same over and across <br /> <br />-1- <br />