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<br />. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br /> <br />(2:-- /.5'- j <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />WHEREAS # under and by virtue of the terms of that certain agreement <br />made and entered into by and between the County of Jefferson and the <br />State of Washington# acting through its Department of HighW~ and the <br />Director thereof, under date of March 19# 1951.. the State will act as <br />agent for the County of Jefferson in the participation of said County <br />with the Public Roads Administration under the provisions of the Federal <br />Aid Road Act of 1944, for the construction of Federal Aid Project No. <br />AD-2, Portage Canal Bridge, copy of which agreement is hereunto attached, <br />now referred to and by such reference incorporated herein and made a part <br /> <br />f <br />I <br /> <br />hereof# now# therefore, <br />BE I1.1 HEREBY RESOLVED that said agreement be and the same is hereby <br /> <br />ratified and approved; and <br />BE IT HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED that the Director of Highways be and <br /> <br />he is hereby authorized and requested to make expenditures as are neces- <br />sary from available state funds for and on behalf of the County of <br />Jefferson to the extent of One hundred seventy-four thousand nine hundred <br />seventy and 50/100 Dollars ($ 174..970.50) as a part of said County'. <br />participating share and costs in the ~bove-mentioned project# reimburse- <br />ment therefor being hereby pledged as a part of this resulution, to-wit: <br />That there shall be and there hereby is reserved, set aside and appropriat- <br />ed from the Portage Canal Bridge Fund of the County of Jefferson and <br />allocated for the use and purpose herein mentioned the sum of One hundred <br />seventy-four thousand nine hundred sev~nty and 50/100 Dollars ($174,970.50) <br />which sum is to be held by said County in trust for the sole and exclusive <br />purpose of making reimbursement therefrom to the ft;ate of Washington for <br />such expenditures made by the said State for and on behalf of said County <br />as a part of said County's participating share and costs in the above- <br />mentioned project. When and as the County is billed by the Director <br />of Highways for reimbursement for such expenditures made by the State, <br />such billings when properly sUpported by current accumulative estimate4 <br />of the total cost of the aforementioned project to the date thereof shall <br />be promptly paid by warrant or warrants drawn on the Portage Canal Bridge <br />