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<br />. .. ~:,' <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />9 <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />RESOLUTION 1<<). <br />. '....-- <br /> <br />WHEREAS, under and by virtue of the terms of that certain agreement made and <br /> <br />entered into by and between the <br /> <br />and the <br /> <br />copy of which agreement is hereunto attached, now referred to' and by such reference <br />'-... <br />incorporated herein and made a part hereof, now, therefore, <br /> <br />BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that said agreement be and th~ same is hereby ratified <br /> <br />and approved; and <br /> <br />BE IT HEREBY FtJRrBER RESOLVED that the Director of Highways be and he is <br /> <br />hereby authorized and requested to make expenditures 8S are necessary from available <br /> <br />state funds for and on behalf of the <br /> <br />~ tha axtant of ':~r~m == fulla". <br /> <br />($_.f~. ) as a part of saidlJ.._.. participating share and <br />costs in the above-mentioned project, reimbursement therefor being hereby pledged <br /> <br />as a part of this resolution, to-wit; That there shall be and there hereby is <br /> <br />reserved, set aside and a:ppropriated from the Jl 1 " IR "1111 Fund of the <br />. nu _ .n <br />and allocated fer the U8~ and purpose herein mentioned <br /> <br />'tl'-' .. '[lILlfllla <br />the sum of_I ~nT htlt JtiI1f "",I fi f ~m - . D r ~. rl1~ .-. I. W1iR _Dollars <br />($-MIlIvrr-j . ) which sum is to beheld by said t[UI:W1 in <br /> <br />'_ L _ ' . <br /> <br />trust for the sole and exclusive purpose of making reimbursement therefro~ to the <br /> <br />state of Washington for such expenditures made by said state for and on behalf of <br /> <br />said ._ _ as a part of said 1m. III " ~~cipating ahare <br />and costs in the above-mentioned project. When and as the II lJI' 1s <br />billed by the Director of Highways for reimbursement for such expenditure made by <br /> <br />the state, such billings when properly supported by current accumula.tiveeetimatee <br /> <br />of the total cost of the aforementioned prOject to the date thereof shall be <br /> <br />promptly paid by warrant or warrants drawn on th...... 'nlll __ <br /> <br />Fund to <br /> <br />n>;..:.;'..........~'.:~>~f""',.:."".:::f~:'. :.:"c"> <br />