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STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />Jefferson County <br />An Ordinance Approving Comprehensive } <br />Plan Amendments MLA04-29 and Unified } ORDINANCE No. 10-0823-04 <br />Development Code Amendments MLA04-30 } <br />Regarding the Irondale/Port Hadlock } <br />Urban Growth Area } <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Jefferson County Commissioners ("the Board") <br />has, as required by the Growth Management Act, as codified at RCW 36.70A.010 <br />et seq., set in motion and now completed the proper professional review and <br />public notice and comment with respect to any and all proposed amendments to <br />the County's Comprehensive Plan ("the Plan") originally adopted by Resolution <br />No. 72-98 on August 28, 1998; <br />WHEREAS, the Plan and its attached Land Use Map were subsequently <br />amended by this Board's Ordinance #19-1213-02 on December 13, 2002 to <br />include an urban growth area ("UGA") of approximately 1,245 acres in the <br />Irondale/Port Hadlock region of the unincorporated County; <br />WHEREAS, Ordinance #19-1213-02 was timely challenged before the <br />Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (or "WWGMHB") by <br />an unincorporated association of citizens, that association alleging the UGA <br />created by that Ordinance was not GMA-compliant; <br />WHEREAS, the WWGMHB found the Irondale/Hadlock UGA boundary <br />appropriate, but also directed the County to create development regulations for the <br />UGA, complete the Capital Facilities planning to provide urban levels of service <br />for the UGA and estimate the cost to residents of the urban levels of services that <br />might be provided; <br />WHEREAS, the WWGMHB has determined that the County has until <br />December 2004 to generate, publicize, discuss and adopt the documents that <br />provide the necessary missing elements, i.e., development regulations and <br />documents outlining the scope and type of urban services that will be provided <br />inside the UGA; <br />WHEREAS, the County's staff has, upon express direction from the <br />Board, focused its efforts on completing the UGA `homework' well before that <br />December 2004 deadline and has, through nearly -Herculean effort by staff and the <br />County's Planning Commission, completed the necessary `homework' months in <br />advance; <br />Irondale/Port Hadlock UGA -- ORDINANCE NO. 10-0823-04 Page 1 <br />