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<br />(.';::. t <br /> <br />/"""'"'w <br />(~~~ <br />1'::.:-þl4-iJ ...,j/s) 'E ,)::; <br />t~ <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 13-82 <br /> <br />ESTABLISHMENT OF REVOLVING FUND <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />WHEREAS, in order to conduct the affairs of the Board of County <br /> <br />Commissioners, Jefferson County, Washington, in a prompt and orderly <br /> <br />manner it appears necessary that a Revolving Fund be established in the <br /> <br />amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) ; and <br /> WHEREAS, such authority was not included in the Budget of Jeffer- <br />son County for calendar year 1982; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it appears that an emergency exists which could not have <br /> <br />been reasonably foreseen at the time of the adoption of said Budget; <br /> <br />THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Jefferson County <br /> <br />Commissioners, that the aforementioned facts constitute an emergency, and <br /> <br />that the estimated amount of funds to be appropriated to meet such emergency <br /> <br />is fifty dollars ($50.00); and <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the County Treasurer is hereby author i- <br /> <br />zed to appropriate and charge to the Board of Jefferson County Commissioners <br /> <br />Expense Fund (501 Unexpended Fund Account) the said sum of fifty dollars. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the subject matter hereof is one of <br /> <br />necessity and to meet needs and therefore, this resolution shall be in <br /> <br />force and take effect without further notice or hearing. <br /> <br />APPROVED this llff day of February, 1982. <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />SEAL: <br /> <br /> <br />//j <br />ATTEST:~<4?~~ <br />vð C.a <br />C erk of the B d <br /> <br />-<U <br />B.G. Brown, Chairman <br /> <br />a.,~ (d'~ -,/ <br /> <br />A.M. O'Meara, Member <br /> <br />~afJ/U-ll)JJr¡ I IJ7f¡ <br /> <br />Carroll M. Mercer; ~ <br /> <br />~VUL <br /> <br />8,", ;ucr:;¡: · U..'" 235 <br />f,i'\\:,,~ <br />