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<br />FOR PUBLICATION 2/17/82 and 2/24/82 <br />BILL: Jefferson County Road Department <br /> <br />If 7' <br />"-::;~ ~"""t..'J <br /> <br />";¿¡q Ir.2 <br />-Pc...... <br /> <br />RESOLUTION No._l1=ßZ__ <br /> <br />COUNTY ROAD PROJECT NO. 515 <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON: In <br />the Matter of initiating a county road project designated as C.R.P.515; it <br />is hereby resolved that the Beckett Point Rd, Co. Rd. NO. 40-2.13, State Log <br />#6175Ø frOM Mi Ie Post 2.Ø8 to Mi Ie Post 3.34 be iMProved as fol lows: <br /> <br />GRADE, DRAIN, AND SURFACE WITH L.B.S.T. <br /> <br />It is further resolved that an appropriation froM the officially adopted <br />road fund budget and based on the county engineer's estiMate is hereby Made <br />in the aMounts and for the purpose shown: <br /> <br />PURPOSE <br /> <br />AMOUNT OF APPROPRIATION <br /> <br />Engineering <br /> <br />$ 5, øøø.øø <br /> <br />Right of Way ACquisition <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />øø.øø <br /> <br />SUB TOTAL: <br /> <br />$ 5,ØØØ.Øø <br /> <br />Construction: C,;)ntract < > <br />Day La.b';) r <X> <br /> <br />$ ØØ.0Ø <br />$35, Ø00. 00 <br /> <br />TOTAL: <br /> <br />$40, 0ØØ. Ø0 <br /> <br /><x> This project is included in the Officially adopted 1982 road prOgraM <br />prOgraM as IteM # 12. <br />< > The project is herebY Made a part of the officially adopted annual road <br />prOgraM in accordance with RCW 36.81.130. <br /> <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: <br /> <br />< > The construction is to be a.ccOMPI ished by contract in accordance with <br />R.C.W. 36.77.020 et. seq. <br /><X> The construction is to be accoMPI ished by county forces in accordance <br />w;th R.C.W. 36~77.Ø6Ø and_~:~C~:36-18. <br /> <br />Adopted this ~th day 0~1982. <br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />--~~~-------------~---- <br /> <br />SEAL: <br /> <br /> <br />B;P) Br':'WI:' Cha: rt'/Ian <br /> <br />~~~~~-------------- <br /> <br />A.M. O'Meara, MeMber <br /> <br />fl.(!JJ&/¿mJ_L01JI/J&LL._____________ <br /> <br />Carrol I M. Mercer, MeMber <br /> <br />VOL <br /> <br />8 fAŒ <br /> <br />o 294 <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />~ <br /> <br />--- <br />