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<br />Of ,. <br />,." <br /> <br />'~¿". þ~t,;, <br />3 JJí?;.:l <br /> <br />f' <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br /> <br />25-82 <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY ,PERSONNEL POLICY <br /> <br />SECTION I. PREAMBLE <br /> <br />1.1 Purpose. The objectives of this policy are to facilitate <br />efficient service to the public; and provide equitable <br />personnel management policies for all county employees. <br /> <br />1.2 Scope. These policies shall apply in all circumstances to <br />all appointed county employees except: <br /> <br />(a) Where these policies conflict with collective.bargaining <br />contracts and agreements clearly agreed upon between <br />authorized employee organization or unions and the county, <br />those contracts and agreements shall prevail; and <br /> <br />(b) Where these policies conflict with any authority vested <br />by state law in an elected official of county government, <br />the state~mandated authority of the elected official <br />shall prevail. <br /> <br />(c) Sections VI and VII shall not apply to appointed depart- <br />ment heads. <br /> <br />SECTION II. DEFINITION OF TERMS <br /> <br />2.1 County. The County of Jefferson, a municipal corporation. <br /> <br />2.2 Continuous Service. Employment without interruption except <br />for brief, authorized leaves of absence. <br /> <br />2.3 Department Head. Elected and appointed officials. <br /> <br />2.4 Dismissal. The discharge of an employee from employment with <br />the county for just cause. <br /> <br />2.5 Examination. Examination refers to any device or procedure <br />used in the selection process to measure applicant's abilities <br />and suitabilities for a position. This includes, but is not <br />limited to, oral interviews, written tests, performance tests, <br />evaluation of performance during probation and scored evalua- <br />tion of education and experience. <br /> <br />2.6 Just Cause. Cause, supported by substantial evidence, for a <br />superior to take disciplinary action'against a subordinate <br />employee. <br /> <br />2.7 Layoff. Termination of an employee'because of lack of funds <br />or lack of work. <br /> <br />2.8 Part-Time Regular Position. A position in which the employee <br />regularly works less than thirty-five (35) hours per week, <br />but not less than twenty (20) hours per week or eighty (80) <br />hours per'month. <br /> <br />2.9 Part-Time Non-Regular Position. A position in which the em- <br />ployee works less than twenty (20) hours per week. Fringe <br />benefits shall not be available to those working in a part- <br />time, non-regular position. <br /> <br />2.10 Temporary Employment. Employment which meets short-term needs <br />or is seasonal in nature. Temporary employment of an individual <br />shall not exceed four (4) months in anyone year. Fringe bene- <br />fits shall not be available to temporary employees. <br /> <br />2.11 Permanent Appointment. The appointment of a person to a per- <br />manent position upon successful completion of probation, when <br />applicable, which signifies satisfactory performance in a <br />permanent position to which the employee is assigned. <br /> <br />IIN.__ 8·, fA~~.' <br />Page'~e. - <br /> <br />".-' <br />1.0 431 <br />