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<br />526 <br /> <br />COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS M <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />Monday, 'an,!" 5th, 1942. 10 A.M. <br /> <br />'!he Board ~ of Jefferson County Collllll1ssioners meet on the above naned date and hour with <br />all members present. Arthur C. Boren, Chainnan, Hug1l Nisbet and Bertil Kruse, melllbers. <br />It being the time and place for the opening of the bids for the sU]'lply of County Gas the <br />following bids were on hand I <br />Union Oil Company, Shell Oil and Standard Oil Co. <br />Upon opening the bids it WaS found. that the Shell 011 and Standard had su1:mitted bids of <br />, Eythel Gas 14.85 ~ Regular l3.22~ per gal <br />'while the Union Oil Co was sanewhat higher and so the award WaS made to the Shell and Standard. <br />The bid of the TideWater Associated Oil Co was received too late and it was found that their <br />bid WaS the seme as the Shell and Standard. <br /> <br />The Board proceeded to the Treasurer's office to count the cash and this WaS found to be correct <br />as follows: <br /> <br />Cash on hand in office <br />Certified bank balance <br />Resolution no X 35 was signed: <br /> <br />$12,510.61 <br />107,369.41 <br />~J1TI9.N_;Llli <br /> <br />WHEREAS in the interests of National Defense it is deemed by the Commissioners of Jefferson <br />County that they visit the office of tile Attorney General at Olympia, Wash on Jany 7th, and <br />WH~:REAS it is deemed to be advisable to proceed to Olympia on tile afternoon of Jany 6th so <br />'lliE1iEFORE BE IT SO ORDERED that the Board proceed on the above named date and at public <br />expense to conclude the buisness at hand. <br /> <br />Board of Jefferson'County Commissioners <br />Arthur c. Boren, L'hainnan <br />Hugh Nisbet, Member <br />Bertil Kruse, Member <br /> <br />Attest: <br />P.M. Richardson - Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />RES 0 L UTI 0 N X 36. <br /> <br />WHEREAS the United States of America is now at War, and <br />V.HEREAS sabotage of importailt utilities and planils of this area, such as the water works <br />and the paper mill, is feared, and <br />WHEREAS absolute protec~ion of them is necessary for the public order and public health, <br />IT IS HEREWI'lH RESOLVED AND ORDERED by the Board of Cornm1seioners of Jefferson County, <br />Washington, that an immediate emergency exists; that anned deputy sheriffs, of a number that the <br />sheriff ,of Jefferson County shall deem suitable, shall be placsd on guard at the head works of the <br />City water system, and the paper mill of the Nattonal Paper Products Canpany tn the city of <br />Port Towneend, Washington; that these deputies shall be duly paid by warrants drawn by the County <br />Juditor, duly presented to the County Treasurer, and these officere are directed to draw and <br />honor such warrants when presented to them :i,n the manner provided by law, in an amount not to exceed <br />the swn of (Not to exceed ten hundred and fffty dollars. <br />Dated this 5th day of JanY', 1942. <br /> <br />Attest I <br />P.M. Richardson, Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Board of Jefferson County Comnissioners <br />Artilur C. Boren, Chainnan <br />l1ugh Nisbet, Member <br />Bertil Kruse, Member <br /> <br />ii, ~. ~h <br /> <br />..r'r <br />if <br />..~~" <br /> <br />'i <br /> <br />The foll'wing bills against the county were <br /> <br />'f <br /> <br />ordered paid: <br /> <br />Cur~ent Expense Account <br />" "Ass't acct. <br />Road Fund <br /> <br />$6,320.03 <br />2,252.04 <br />7,831.78 <br /> <br />h <br /> <br />"'''''....,...."" ..J\ot"'''',loAIl.VU''' v_ <br />A.H. Cox & Co <br />HOWard Cooper Corp <br />Columbia Equipnent Co. <br />The Board decided that they would need a day or two to examine <br />'Would award the bid on Friday, J any 9th. <br />The Board adjourned to meet again on Thursday, Jany 8th, 1942 at 10 A.M. <br />'!hursday, Jany 8th at 10 A.M. Upon motion made and <br />The Board reconvened on the above named de,te and hour with all members present. eeconded the Grader bi was <br />Matters of defense and the grader bid consideration took up most of the day. awarded to the <br />'!he Board adjourned to meet again on Friday, Jany 9th, 1942. At 10 A.M. Western Tractor & Equip 0 <br />Friday, Jany 9th, 1942. 10 A.M. $5940.87. <br />The Board reconvened on the above named date and hour with all members present. <br />'!he following resolutions were signedl <br />RES 0 L UTI 0 N "B" 43. <br /> <br />,)"I';I'1..c:.L <br />6935.82 <br />5620.02 <br />6767.92 <br />and decide on the <br /> <br />Bids and they <br /> <br />WHEREAs the area of Jefferson County has had an unusual pertod of sub-zero weather, and <br />WHEREAS tile tennination of said weather will cause abnonnal damage to the COUrtty Road system, abd. <br />WHEREAS the subgrade of said rOads will be iU a soft condition during the thawing period, and <br />WHEREAS for the protection of said roads it is deemed "''ise to impose certain lOad restrictions <br />BE IT 'IHEREFORE RESO.VED that the county Road Engineer be empowered to impose such lOad restr- <br />ictions upon the County Road system of Jefferson Count~r as he may deem fit to protect and sllfe- <br />guard said roade. <br />Dated this 9th day of Jarry, 1942. <br /> <br />Attest: <br />P.M. Richardson Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Board of Jefferson County Commissioners <br />Arthur C. Boren, Chairman <br />Hugh Nisbet, Member <br />Bertil Kruse, II <br /> <br />see page 527. <br />