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<br />"528 <br /> <br />COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS M <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />Continued !rom page 527. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION for County Gas. <br /> <br />WHERF..AS it is necessary that a .fund be set up from the current expense fund to carry on the <br />pur~ase of gas for the various county uses, cars, etc, and <br />WHEREAS this fund shall be used for that purpose alone <br />THEREFORE BE IT SO ORD:!:FlED that the sum. 91' seventy five ($75.00) Dollars be .set aside as a <br />Gas fund and Warrants be drawn by the County Aud:l.tor and accepted by the Treasurer accordingly. <br />BOARD OF' JE];FER.')ON COmITY COW\JSSIO;.$RS <br />Arthur C. Boren, Chainnan <br />Hugh Nisbet, Member <br />Attest: BertH Kruse, II <br />P .1~. Richardson <br />Auditor and ex-officio clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />The Board adjourned to meet again on Monday, Jany 19th, 19L~ at 10 A.M. <br /> <br />Monday, Jany 19th Il.t 10 A.M. <br /> <br />The Board reconvened on the above named date and hour with all members pr:Jsent. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO "B"48 Signed. <br /> <br />WHEREAS it is to the best interests of the People of Jefferson COUlty that the Oak Bay -Mats Mats <br />road be improved, and <br />WHEREAS the public interests of the People of Jefferson C('unty danand the improvement, and <br />VIHERtAS the estimated cost of the project is $3000.00. <br />BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Oak Bay-Mats Mate road be l..nproved .from the NE NE Section 30, <br />Twp 29 N . R 1 E. W.M., thence in a southear;terly direction to an intersection with the Mats Mats <br />road in lJ:lt 1, Section 32, Twp. 29N. R. 1 3:. \'I.M.., and .hat the sum of $3000.00 be set aside frail <br />Baed District No.1 funds for the purposes aforesaid. <br />Dated this 19th day of Jany, 1942. <br /> <br />P .!!. Richardson <br />Auditor and ex-officio clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Board of Jefferson County Comnissioners <br />Arthur C. Boren, Chainnan <br />Hugh Nisbet, Mer.lber <br />Berti,l Kruse, II <br /> <br />Attest I <br /> <br />A meeting is to be held in the West end of th e Coun.~y on Tuesday in the evening at the Queets !NN <br />to organize a defense set up amorli the Indians of that vill~ge and t!'le Commissioners being at the <br />head of the defense council should attend tharefore it is deemed adviSAble to proceed there on <br />day, which being Jany 20th and thento continue on to Shelton for tl1e district Commissioners, <br />Engineer'" a."ld Auditors and Welfare Admin.i.stt;ators meeting on t.he date of Jany 21, 1942. <br />Therefore it is so ordered by approval of the Board. <br /> <br />The Board adjourned to meet again on Monday,Feby 2nd, 1942. at 10 A.M. <br /> <br /> <br />MID. OF' JEFFEHSON ClDunty Canmissioners <br />\-.-- 0- . ,Q- <br />----- -~~ <br />Chaj,nnan <br />. br~"'~~ <br /> <br />A_~ <br /> <br />AUDITOR and ex-Off <br /> <br /> <br />--~-- <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />cio clerk of the Board. <br />