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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />· hi 1/1 /.~ /f. <br />RES 0 L U If ION No. f/C7 . . <br /> <br />vVHEREAS W. ;r. Buhle ~ and J. ;r. Latfer-cy, both of Pori <br /> <br />TCninsend, WashingtQ.:Q, .ve paid taxes in th.e amount of Forty- <br /> <br />Five ( on the fol1ow1ng de$er1bed pr.,pertiy: <br /> <br />L.ots 1, 3, ani 5, Blook 44, Original Townsite, <br />as pe,r plat 1nVol.ume 1, Plats, page one, <br />raoeria of Jefferson County, Washington, <br /> <br />and <br /> <br />WHEREAS it was a.gree4 at the time of the eenveyanoe of' <br />said property to 'this county that said taxes would, be assumed <br />., <br /> <br />by the county, and <br />VIHEREM said W. J. Buhler and J. J. Lafferty there- <br />t <br /> <br /> <br />fore entitled to a refund of said 'taxes paid 'by them, <br />IT IS HEBEBY RESOLVED AND ORDERED that the Auditor of <br /> <br />this county draw a voucher in t he said am.ount 1n favor of <br />the said W. J. Buhler and J. J'.LaffertT and the same be <br />paid by the Trea$tlrer ot J'ef'ferson Coo,nty and olharged to the <br />tax re:f'a.nd tuna, <br /> <br />Dated th1$5th .1' 01: Maroh, 1.943. <br /> <br />~. 9--.~ <br /> <br />arman <br /> <br />. 16~J~ <br />Q~ias '. r <br /> <br />..~~~- <br />Commiss1&ner <br /> <br />