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<br />INITIATING RESOLU'l'ION <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. g c:P-;r" <br /> <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF COUN'ry COMMISSIONERS OF nFr'E.RSON COUNTY', ~jASHINGTON <br /> <br />In the matter of the <br />Obl.aaO\'&Il to Center aee4 <br /> <br />) <br />) Resolution to APPlJ . ....ld.d <br />) ld."1aoua ...1 tttea.._ <br /> <br />I TIS HEREBY R'l:SOLV"ED by the <br />intention to~r~ <br /> <br />0..... 'tto1f4 <br /> <br />Board of County Conunisstoners that it is their <br />the above name d ObS...... ~ <br /> <br />Describ.ed as follows: <br />14ti1.'J?, ., Cbt-__. ..... to 0."., ~.. cU.."'- of 1.0 <br />.u.. to be ___ .. c_trB.oad '"2 0' 10. "" <br /> <br />BE IT FURrHER rtZSOLVED that for the foregoing there is hereby appropriated <br />s~~s in the following detail: <br /> <br />Gas Tax Funds ~st.Funds pp~ati~n~~. Total <br /> <br />Total <br /> <br />$.100.00 <br />-HOG"'" <br />.... <br />~~ <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />$- <br /> <br />Loc. Engr. <br />Right of Way <br />Items of Work <br />Const. Engr.. <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />.-- <br />$ <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />This project is HEREBY DZCLARED to be a public necessity and upon the ap- <br />proval of this resolution by the Director of Highways of the State of Wash- <br />ington the County Road Engineer is m:::m::BY OHDE...>iED AND AU'mORlZED to report <br />and proceed ther60n as by law provided. <br /> <br />BE IT FURTH2:R RESOLVED that this project be prosecuted b~.'t_.... CO. as <br />a County~ _ Project in accordance ~ith the Standard <br />Road and Bridge Specifications of the State of Washington. <br /> <br />ADOPI'ED this;:J--o day of <br /> <br />~' ~~-2-' <br />~.... :-.---..' . <br />-1~ (f2 , <br />. . <br />Chairman <br /> <br />d~...(.....~ <br />-.. <br /> <br />.16~_4~;C <br />Commissiono <br /> <br /> <br />County <br />Clork <br /> <br />. ,. ~~T~,\~ <br />Commissioner <br /> <br />By <br /> <br />. Auditor <br /> <br />Constituting tho Board of County <br />Conunissioncrs of Jefferson County, <br />Washington <br /> <br />