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<br />RESOl,UTION No. 51 <br /> <br />WHEREAS Dr. Garrison of the Health Department has served notice on the <br /> <br />COr.1JT'issioners that he will s::Jon be leaving this City and <br /> <br />WHEREAS it is of the utmost importance that the Commissioners secure <br /> <br />a Docto~ to take his pla0e as as early d~te as possible <br /> <br />THEREFORE IT is deemed ad"isRble to proceed to Seattle to confer with <br /> <br />Dr. Evans of the State Health Office and to secure, if possible, the services <br /> <br />of a trained medical man to succeed Dr. Garrison <br /> <br />THEREFORE BE IT ORDERED that the Board of Jefferson County Canr1issioners <br /> <br />proceed to Seattle at public expense on May 7th to confer with Dr. Evans. <br /> <br />!:L ff?( - <br /> <br /> <br />...-.-.---.------ <br />-------- . <br /> <br />/ 7' ~-'- <br /> <br />Signed: <br /> <br />-, <br /> <br />Board of Jefferson County Commissioners <br /> <br />p~~. G--~/~ <br /> <br />( . . ;.' Ohairman <br /> <br />~k~ <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />Jh:r---~'</c <br />Man er <br /> <br />lh~,"~. \.~\.. ~ <br />Member <br />