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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY RESOLUTIONS <br />1942 <br /> <br />X-35 Proceed to Olympia in the Interest of National Defense to Visit the Office <br />of the Attorney General (at Public Expense) <br /> <br />X-36 Protection from Sabotage of City of Port Townsend Water System and the <br />National Paper Products Company (Paper Mill) a Deputy Sheriff will be <br />Placed on Guard at both places listed above <br /> <br />X-37 Destroy Old Records by Fire (1930 and Prior Years) (Not In Minutes) <br /> <br />B-43 Impose Load Restrictions to the County Road System Due to Sub-Zero <br />Weather (January 9, 1942 - Book M, Page 526) <br /> <br />B-44 CRP; Hastings Avenue Extension Improvement (January 9,1942 - Book M <br />Page 527) <br /> <br />B-45 Bituminous Surface Improvement on Certain City of Port Townsend Streets <br />(January 9, 1942 - Book M, Page 527) <br /> <br />B-46 Emergency Situation of National Defense for Protection and Maintenance <br />of County Roads (January 9, 1942 - Book M, Page 527) (Also See <br />Resolution No. B-67) <br /> <br />No Number Establish a Fund for the Purchase of County Gas (January 9, 1942 - Book <br />M, Page 528) <br /> <br />No Number Budget Appropriation; Prosecuting Attorney (January 19, 1942 Not In <br />Minutes) <br /> <br />B-48 CRP; Mats Mats - Oak Bay Road (January 19,1942 - Book M, Page 528) <br /> <br />No Number Proceed to Olympia to Meet with County Commissioners and Engineers (at <br />Public Expense) (February 4, 1942 - Book M, Page 529) <br /> <br />B-49 Cancellation of Warrants (February 19, 1942 - Book M, Page 529) <br /> <br />B-44 Budget Appropriation; Repair of County Roads (March 2, 1942 - Book M, <br />Page 531) <br />