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<br />7? J ( A-- <br />RES 0 L UTI 0 N No. ~ ~~ <br /> <br />\{dEREAS the Milwaukee Land Company did on the 15th day <br />of Larch, 1941, pay to the Treasurer of Jefferson County, <br />-iJashington, the sum of ~1048.42 for taxes allegedly dU9, and <br /> <br />',j}:IEllliAS the tracts upon vtli ch the said taxes were pur- <br /> <br />ported to be levied were by a nDeclaration of rrake" entered <br />in the Jfedera1 District Court at Seattle, -,'-ashington, .July <br />1, 1940, made the property of the United States of ..\merica, <br /> <br />and <br /> <br />WHEREAS said passing of title occurred prior to the levy <br />of 1940 taxes by Jefferson County, VJashington, and <br />:.n-m:liEi~ this Boord has been advised by the :Frosecu ting <br /> <br />Attorney of .Jefferson County that inasmuch as said title had <br /> <br />passed prior to the date of the levy of said taxes, .Teff.'erson <br /> <br />County could Dot possibly collect taxes from the said I,:ihvau- <br /> <br />kee Land Company for said tracts an d tla t any receipt of <br />by any officer of said county V10lld be unlawful and beyond his <br /> <br />powers and give rise to a good claim against said county in <br />behalf of sa id c ampany , <br />IT 1:S }IEl~BY RESOLVED .i:U\fD ORDERED that the Audi tor of Jef- <br /> <br />ferson County, Washington shall draw a warrant in favor of said <br />Milwaukee Land Company in the amount of ~~1048.42 and that the. <br />Treasurer of Jeffer son County $h.a.llJ..~y pay same upon sub- <br />mission to him. <br />Dated tb. is ~~ day <br /> <br />of :March, }-9420 <br /> <br />L(~ CL- <br />Chair~m.. ; <br />"~4.- ,1JJ4Ld-: <br />Coromi s on r <br />~~ <br />COIlllQss10ner..... ' <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />