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<br />RESOLUTION NO. ~ /' iif <br /> <br />WHEREAS a petition for vacation of the following des- <br />cribed road: <br /> <br />"That portion of the County road system in Govern- <br />ment Lot 2 and the Nt NWt SEt, Section 19, ~wp. 29 N <br />R lW W.M., between State Road No.9 and State Secon- <br />dary Road No. 9E, being respectively 550 feet and <br />150 feet in length." <br /> <br />has been made to the Board of County Commissioners and <br />WHEREAS the named portions of the County Road systems <br /> <br />were rendered of no use as County roads by the construction <br /> <br />of State Secondary Road No. 9E, and <br /> <br />BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that said portions of the <br /> <br />County Road system be vacated, such authority being granted <br /> <br />day of <br /> <br /> <br />Laws of 1937. <br /> <br />by Section 48, Chapter 187, <br /> <br />Dated this / / <br /> <br />194 ~.- <br /> <br />C)-- a ~ <br />~~ <br /> <br />A 'IlfI'E S T : <br /> <br />P6~~r ~~ <br />Ivlem be r <br /> <br /> <br />T ~"-'..~ ~~ <br />]\ilember <br /> <br /> <br />Board of County Commissioners <br /> <br />Jefferson County, Washington <br />