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STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />County of Jefferson <br />In the Matter of Establishing the .Jefferson) <br />Public Records Request Cost Schedule ORDINANCE NO. <br />Identified as Attachment "A" to this) <br />Ordinance ) <br />1.0 Purpose: <br />1.1 Chapter 42.56 RC W, the Washington Public Records Act, requires that public <br />agencies publish rules to provide public access to public records; and, <br />1.2 Effective July 23, 2017, the Washington Legislature amended the Public Records <br />Act, changing the costs which may be charged for providing records under the <br />Public Records Act; and, <br />1.3 This ordinance is to authorize Jefferson County to charge fees for the provision of <br />responsive records, in accordance with RC W 42.56.120. <br />2.0 Costs for Public Records: <br />2.1 Inspection Only. <br />There is no charge for inspection of records. <br />2.2 Records Already on Jefferson County Website. <br />Jefferson County will not charge costs for access to or downloading of records that <br />it posts on Jefferson County's website prior to receipt of a request, unless the <br />requestor has specifically requested that Jefferson County provide copies of these <br />records through other means. <br />2.3 Statutory Basis. <br />Costs for the provision of responsive records shall be in accordance with RC W <br />42.56.120. Jefferson County hereby adopts by reference RCW 42.56.120, as <br />presently enacted or as may be amended in the future. <br />