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<br />10 <br />11 <br /> <br />17 <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />19 <br />20 <br /> <br />21 <br /> <br />22 <br /> <br />23 <br /> <br />24 <br /> <br />25 <br />26 <br /> <br />27 <br /> <br />28 <br /> <br />29 <br /> <br />30 <br />31 <br /> <br />'- <br /> <br />" --.. <br /> <br />.e <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. <br /> <br />C!-517- <br /> <br />2 <br />3 <br /> <br />This matter came on to be heard on Tuesday, the 4th- <br />day of September, 1962, at the hour of ten o'clock A. M., <br />pursuant to the provisions of Resolution No. C-508, adopted <br />August 10th, 1962, and it appearing to the Board that notice <br />of the time and place of hearing has been given for the time <br />and in the manner provided by law, and no taxpayer having <br />appeared to be heard either for or against the expenditure <br />of money for the alleged emergencies, now therefore, said <br />Board does hereby find and determine that at the time of the <br />adoption of the official budget for the Current Expense Fund <br />for the fiscal year 1962, the needs and essentials of the <br />County could not reasonably liave';beeti' ,fo~e8een for the ex- <br />penditure of money as hereinafter set forth, now therefor <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED and there is hereby appropriated for <br /> <br />expenditure during the year 1962 the following: <br /> <br />Item 1. For the preservation and repair of the interior <br /> <br />of the courthouse building, the sum of $6,000.00; <br /> <br />Item 2. For the construotion of rest rooms and other <br /> <br />facilities at the North Beach Park, the sum of $1,000.00; <br /> <br />AND the County Auditor be and she is hereby authorized <br /> <br />and empowered to issue emergency warrants upon the Current <br /> <br />Expense Fund of said county in amounts not exceeding the <br /> <br />gross of this appropriation upon the presentation of properly <br /> <br />approved vouchers, and be it further <br /> <br />RESOLVED that no expenditure shall be made or liability <br /> <br />incurred pursuant to the provisions of this resolution and <br /> <br />order until a period five days, exclusive of the day of entry <br /> <br />hereof, shall have elapsed. <br /> <br />ADOPTED this 4th day of September, 1962. <br /> <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS for <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />~\.'i...~~ ~'-).~, Chairman <br /> <br /> <br />~7~7~ <br /> <br />~ecA-<- ~ Member <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />6 <br /> <br />7 <br /> <br />8 <br />9 <br /> <br />12 <br /> <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br /> <br />16 <br /> <br />- <br />~ <br /> <br />ATT~T: <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />Ex-o - 10 Q1erk of <br />said Bo~~'of County <br />ConutltSSloners <br /> <br />