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<br />rnSOLUTION HO. ...9-524 <br /> <br />Resolution providing for increase in planned total expenditure for capital improvement <br />projects. <br /> <br />Hhereas, under the of Public Law 87-658, approved September lit, 1962, the United <br />Staths of funerica has authorized the malting of erants to aid in financing construction <br />of specific public worlm projects, provided the proposed or pla~~ed total expendit~re <br />of the public body for its capital improvoment projects is increased by an Cl.JTlount <br />approxLrnately equal to the non-Federal funds required to complete such public Horks <br />projects: <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved By The Board of County Commissioners <br /> <br />1. That as of the date of filing of em application by Jefferson County, State of 'Hash. <br />(hereafter called AppEcant) with the Housing and Home Finance Agency, United St,':1tes <br />Government, for a grant to aid in financing the construction of Courthouse <br />elevator the Applicac'1t had a CApital improvements plan or C:1Dit.,al'1,:1"Prc;vemerrr-- <br />budget for the fisc21 yeBr or years durine vlhich construction of t~he proposed. pro- <br />ject is expected to OCC'LU'; and that the total expenditure fm:' cc,pita1 improvements <br />in said plan or budget 1'las :$ 3525.00 for the fiscal year ending 12-'31-62 and <br />~~ 1,,312.00 -_ for the fiscal 3";enr-encling ..l~-31-6J_o <br /> <br />2. That, in the event. V12t said Federal grqnt is approved by the United States of <br />America, said capital improve:-18nts pIan or capital budget;Jill be (is hereby) <br />increased by n; 20,250.00 for tIle fiscal :,re2T Emclinr: 12-il-62 cud ;~'; . <br />~ , , ~', ,. . -? 31 ~3' - --"'-=---'" .::r.::--:-,__ <br />lor 'Jne llS'C'fLL;year enCllng _~~ for a total i:nr"rcase of :; 20, 2;. O. O<llm tije <br />proposed or planned total expenctiture for capital i,,-'provement prociects '"'(exclusive <br />of F'e. der"'l '''''nc1'0,) <br />......... U .l. t-!.J. ~I~ . <br /> <br />3. That SAid increase in the proposed or ]Jlaru18d total expenditure for ces)jj-,al improve- <br />ment Dro;jects is apprmd.m2tely to the non-Federal funds req:1ired to comp10te <br />the public 'IJOrks project for 'VJhich the applicc.tion is to be submitted. <br /> <br />This resolution is adoDted pursuant to tl^>e a.u+'.r1orl't,y ~)roVl'ded i-nr R C 1T 3/ '0'10 <br />-.~ "" .. -u ~ >0 Vj J.. .A._!:..!!_D .~..!~_. 0 <br /> <br />DATED this 5t,h day of Nov., 1962 <br /> <br />BOArill OF COiJjTTY C 012. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><n~~ <br />~r-,,~~~r <br />~&lct ?7 <br /> <br />ChQirm,:m <br /> <br />SE,AL <br /> <br />~ATTJ<;ST',. .J_ <br /> <br />- ~ .--~ <br />Eele tT. Ead), 'ounty Auditor and Ex-=-- <br />officio ClerIcal' the DO::1rd <br /> <br />lIember <br />