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Agenda: Week of November 4, 1996 <br /> <br />o <br /> <br />o <br /> <br />° <br /> <br />o <br /> <br />° <br /> <br />10. <br /> <br />11. <br /> <br />12. <br /> <br />APPROVAL AND ADOPTION OF THE CONSENT AGENDA - CONTINUED: <br />DELETE ORDINANCE NO. re: In the Matter of An Ordinance Amending the Jefferson County Code <br />Appendix III; Department of Public Works Fees; Changes From Stormwater Ordinance <br />DELETE RESOLUTION NO. re: In the Matter of Designating the Stormwater Administrator as Provided <br />for in the Jefferson County Stormwater Management Ordinance <br />RESOLUTION NO.95-96 re: In the matter of Establishing the Name for a Private <br />Road; Crocker Lake Road; Arlo and Victoria Forsyth and James Everly, Petitioners <br /> (Resolution p. 1566-1572) <br />RESOLUTION NO.96-96 re: Hearing Notice; Application for Franchise; Jefferson <br />County Public Utility District (P.U.D.) #1; Hearing Set For Monday, November 25, <br />1996 at 11:25 a.m. in the Commissioners Chambers (Resolution p. 1573) <br />RESOLUTION NO.97-96 re: In the Matter of Vacating a Portion of Phillips Avenue <br />in the Plat of Phillips' Bay View Addition; Hank Sukert, Petitioner (Resolution p. 1574) <br />AGREEMENT re: Hydrogeologic Services for Drilling an 8" Well for Quilcene <br />Community; Pacific Groundwater Group <br />AGREEMENT re: To Provide Trees for Cabling; Oil City Road Emergency Bank <br />Protection Project Number XO1245; Last Camp Timber Inc. <br />Findings, Conclusion and Decision; Special Use Permit, ZON95-0030; To Upgrade <br />and Expand the Olympic Correction Facility; State Department of Corrections, <br />Applicant <br />Request for Six Month Extension; Arcadia Trace Short Plat #SUB95-0052; To <br />Subdivide Approximately 6 Acres into 4 Lots for Residential Use; Located off Third <br />Street, Port Townsend; Bob Hagan, Proponent and Alan Carman, Representative <br />Application for Assistance from the Veterans Relief Fund; VFW Post #3213 for <br />$375.00 <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />10:35 a.m. <br /> <br />David Goldsmith, Deputy Director of Public Services re: Request for Grant <br />Funding, $1,000; Adolescent Substance Abuse Community Mobilization Project; <br />Jefferson County Health and Human Services (Minutes p. 1550-1551) <br /> <br />11:15 a.m. PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR'S BRIEFING <br /> <br />(Minutes p. 1550) <br /> <br />THE COMMISSIONERS MAY ADD AND TAKE ACTION ON OTHER ITEMS <br /> NOT LISTED ON THIS AGENDA. <br /> American Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations Provided Upon Request <br /> <br />PAGE 2 <br /> <br /> <br />