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<br />S.V.PEACH <br />TREASURER <br /> <br />ee <br /> <br />.. <br />~-- <br /> <br />ee <br /> <br />." <br /> <br />TREASURER OF .JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />PORT TDWNSEND. WASH.lNI3TON <br /> <br />March 19, 1956 <br />Hon. Board of County Commissioners <br />Jefferson County <br />Port Townsend, Washington <br /> <br />Gentlemen: <br /> <br />I request that the sum of $11,021.30 be <br />transferred to Jefferson County General Obliga- <br />tion Portage Canal (Bridge) Bond Redemption Fund. <br /> <br />This is necessary to take care of the com- <br /> <br />mitments for this fund during the year 1956. <br />(Bonds Nos. 29-38, coupons Nos. 10 and 11.) <br />Respectfully, <br /> <br />-~ ;y6?~ <br /> <br />s.v. Peach, Treasurer <br />Jefferson County <br />