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<br />. i... ....,,: <br /> <br /> <br />M I <br /> <br />NUTES <br /> <br />WEEK OF FEBRUARY 21, 1989 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at the appointed time by Chairman <br />George C. Brown in the presence of Commissioner B. G. Brown and Commissioner <br />Larry W. Dennison. <br /> <br />Bob Benderson, Emergency Services Coordinator re: Naming An <br />Emergency Services Public Information Officer: Emergency Services Co- <br />ordinator, Bob Henderson, explained that the Public Information Officer is <br />one of the key people in the Emergency Services organization. He discussed <br />this position with Sheriff Mel Mefford and it is their recommendation that <br />David Goldsmith be named the Public Information Officer. Commissioner B. G. <br />Brown moved to name David Goldsmith the Public Information Officer a <br />recommended. Commissioner Dennison seconded the motion which carried by a <br />unanimous vote. <br /> <br />Establishment of a Petty Cash Fund; Assessor's Office: Commis- <br />sioner Dennison moved to approved and sign Resolution 'No. 16-89 authorizing <br />the establishment of a Petty Cash Fund in the amount of $50.00 for the <br />Assessor's Office as requested. Commissioner B. G. Brown seconded' the motion <br />which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />1989 Dance License; Discovery Bay Tavern: Commissioner B. G. Brown <br />moved to approve the dance license for the Discovery Bay Tavern. Commis- <br />sioner Dennison seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />Authorization for Payment of Parking Lot Airspace Lease for the <br />Brinnon Senior Center: Washington State Department of Transportation: It was <br />a consensus of the Board that this bill for the airspace lease at the Brinnon <br />Senior Center be paid from the Facilities Management budget. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br /> <br />Contract re: Sale of Timber: UpperBoh Road; Thomas R. Finnerty: <br />County Engineer Bob Nesbitt presented the contract with Thomas R. Finnerty <br />for the purchase of the surplus timber on the Upper Hoh Road property. <br />Commissioner B. G. Brown moved to approve the contract for purchasing the <br />timber as presented. Commissioner Dennison seconded the motion which carried <br />by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />fc <br /> <br />It:}:.. <br /> <br />15 <br /> <br />r)r:~ <br /> <br />, ' " <br /> <br />6b <br /> <br /> <br />--~~ <br /> <br /> <br />648 <br />