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<br /> <br />o ~_ _ Q' <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />WEEK OF NOVEMBER 6, 1989 <br /> <br />Chairman George Brown called the meeting to order at the appointed <br />time in the presence of Commissioner B. G. Brown and commissioner Larry W. <br />Dennison. <br /> <br />Mary Gaboury. Auditor and Chairman of the salary Administration <br />C01ll1llittee re: SAC RecoJDDleng.ations: AUditor Mary Gaboury presented the Board <br />with a letter outlining the Salary Administration Committee's recommendations <br />for changes to the Salary Administration Policy and Procedures Manual as <br />approved at the Committee's October 24, 1989 meeting. <br /> <br />Additions to the POlicy: <br />page 3 IX Salary Administration Policies following Salary <br />Review Committee: "The Job Classification c,ommittee <br />shall be appointed to review job descriptions as prepared <br />by department heads for evaluation and assigning ap- <br />propriate classification according to policies and <br />procedures established by the Salary Administration <br />committee. <br /> <br />The Job Classification committee shall consist of one <br />member from the Board of County commissioners, one <br />Elected Official and one Department Head. The members <br />terms are on-going. Alternates shall be selected from <br />the Salary Administration committee members so that no <br />department head will review positions from their own <br />office. <br /> <br />The Job Classification Committee shall meet as necessary <br />to make grade recommendations to the Board of County <br />commissioners. The Clerk of the Board shall perform the <br />necessary clerical functions to enable the Job <br />Classification Committee to carry out salary Administra- <br />tion Committee policy and procedures." <br /> <br />Page 2 , B. Salary Administration Authori ty . Salary <br />Administration Co:n:pni ttee: "The Payroll/Personnel <br />Specialist and the Clerk of the Board shall be ex- <br />officio members of the salary Administration Committee <br />and shall Perform the necessary clerical functions to <br />enable the Salary Administration committee to carry out <br />Salary Administration Committee policy and procedures, <br />including recording and distributing the minutes of the <br />salary Administration Committee meetings." <br /> <br />Page 3, B. Salary AdministratioQ policies: "The Clerk <br />of the Board shall perform the necessary clerical <br /> <br />. val <br /> <br />15 rMt~ 00 521.1 <br />