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<br />% <br /> <br />I <br />i <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />q. <br />~<:1 .~ <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />~ ~. .-O,c.' ~ <br />~~~ _ t:i <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />j <br /> <br />M ::J: NUT E S <br /> <br />WEEK OF DECEMBER 11, 1989 <br /> <br />The meeting called to order by Chairman George C. Brown. <br />Commissioner B. G. Brown and Commissioner Larry W. Dennison were both <br />present. <br /> <br />Bob Henderson, Risk/Safety coordinator, . Jefferson County Public <br />Works re: Application of Herbicides on County Road Rights-of-way: Puget <br />Power: Byron Swigart, Local Manager, puget Sound Power and Light Company, <br />and Forest Shomer were present when Bob Henderson submitted a written report <br />of the demonstration puget Power held for the Public Works Department staff <br />on their method of application of herbicides on County road rightS-Of-way. <br /> <br />Commissione~Dennison stated that he feels the problem with any herbicide <br />application program is for people who are hyper-sensitive to herbicides, like <br />Mr. Gummer. He asked how long this program has been used by puget Power? <br />Byron Swigart reported that this sprayinq program has been used since 1975, <br />and in Jefferson County since 1986. It is approved and viewed by the puqet <br />Sound Water Quality Authority as a model program. It was also approved by <br />the Evergreen College in Olympia for use on the college campus. <br /> <br />Basically the program deals with the company's long term management of <br />safety, reliable service and keeping energy costs under control, Byron <br />Swigart noted. It is the most cost effective brush control method for power <br />lines. It provides safety along power lines and aloQg roads, by providing <br />greater visibility in keeping the rightS-Of-way clear. This is a program <br />that is deliberately designed for safety and economics while keeping a.-II of <br />the public in mind. This herbicide is selectively applied where it will not <br />drift. <br /> <br />commissioner B. G. Brown stated that there should be some kind of notifica- <br />tion of. people who are hyper-sensitive, when the herbicides will be applied <br />in their area. Byron Swigart stated that puget Power will contact people who <br />have put up signs that say "do not spray" and discuss the prqgram with them. <br />A person who is extremely sensitive needs to take responsibility, and post <br />their property, so that puget Power can .contact them. Puget Power can set <br />up a notification program similar to the one used for people with a life <br />support system. <br /> <br />Commissioner Dennison asked how many miles of right-Of-way would be in this <br />program? Bob Henderson reported that puget Power has about 350 road miles <br />of power lines, but not all of that is along County road. After discussion <br />of the potential amount of herbicide that could be subject to run off along <br />a road, Byron Swigart reported that the spray program is done along with the <br />tree trimming program on a five year schedule. <br /> <br />Forest Shomer stated that the County currently has a moratorium on the <br />application of herbicides on county road rightS-Of-way, and he added that it <br />should be maintained. More ~eople would be affected by application of <br /> <br />15 On r ~~'?"} <br />rAr.:, ,,J t ""''''-' <br />