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<br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />'fS' <br /> <br />~ District No. 1 Commissioner <br />District No. 2 Commissioner <br />District No. 3 Commissioner <br /> <br />A. M. O'Meara <br />B. G. Brown <br />Carroll M. Mercer,Chairman <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />-M-I-N-U-T-E-S- <br /> <br />March 20, 1978 <br /> <br />10:00 a.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Carroll M. Mercer with <br />all members present. <br /> <br />Bid Opening for the improvement of 5.54 miles of roads located in <br />the Quilcene and Hadlock areas: <br /> <br />Bidders: <br /> <br />Bid Totals: <br /> <br />1) North Kitsap Sand & Gravel; poulsbo <br />2) Tucci Construction; Tacoma <br />3) J. D. Shotwell; Port Angeles <br />4) Engineer's Estimate <br /> <br />$164,689.00 <br />233,005.50 <br />170,962.62 <br />260,625.00 <br /> <br />Motion by Commissioner Brown, second by Commissioner O'Meara for <br />Engineer Becker to check the two low bids. Engineer Becker returned to <br />report a corrected total for Kitsap Sand & Gravel of $164,974.00. Motion <br />by Commissioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner Brown to award bid to <br />Kitsap Sand & Gravel. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />Peter Steel appeared to request use of Memorial Field in August <br />for soccer. Commissioner O'Meara advised him to schedule it with the <br />Commissioner's secretary. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />Auditor re) <br /> <br />1) Retirement of West-end Deputy. Auditor Betty Anderson <br />reported to the Board that the West-end Deputy Auditor <br />is retiring. The position is permanent part time. <br /> <br />Health <br />Department <br /> <br />1) Copy of letter from John Maxwell, DSHS re: Bridgehaven <br />Water System. Maxwell reported that the lower well is <br />overworked. Therefore, he asks that no more septic tank <br />permits be approved for that system until it's established <br />how many services can be supplied. <br /> <br />Planning <br /> <br />1) Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit <br />Application No. 3-78; Cape George Colony Club for pool <br />cover and construction of recreation hall. Planner <br />Tom Aumock reported the Shoreline Commission reviewed <br />the application March 16 and recommends approval of <br />the permit subject to two conditions. Motion by Commis- <br />sioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner Brown to approve <br />the permit subject to the two conditions. Unanimous. <br /> <br />2) State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Public Notice of <br />Actions by Jefferson County (Statute of Limitations) <br /> <br />a) Evangelical Methodist Church; Shoreline permit <br />application No. 1-78. Planner Tom Aumock reported <br />that the Board approved the Shoreline permit two <br />weeks ago. Motion by Commissioner Brown, second <br />by Commissioner O'Meara for Chairman Mercer to sign <br />the notice of action by Jefferson County for <br />publication. <br /> <br />b) Cape George Colony Club; Shoreline permit application <br />*3-78. Motion by Commissioner Brown, second by <br />Commissioner O'Meara for Chairman Mercer to sign <br />the notice of publication. <br /> <br />VOL <br /> <br />4 ~AGf <br /> <br />o 556 <br />