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<br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />~',. <br /> <br />I <br />. I <br />. I.' <br />Dlst~lct No. 1 Commissioner <br />District No. 2 Commissioner <br />District No. 3 Commissioner <br /> <br />A. M. O'Meara <br />B. G. Brown <br />Carroll M. Mercer, <br />Chairman <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson, <br />Audi tor <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />July 10, 1978 <br /> <br />10:00 a.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Carroll M. Mercer with all <br />members present. <br /> <br />Gael Stuart re: Head Start Program: Mr. Stuart reported that: <br />1) A $3900 grant from HEW was received for the improvement of the basement <br />of the Recreation Center for the Head Start program,and'2) a grant for <br />carpeting for a portion of the Floor. 3) They have $2100 for dry wall for <br />the west wall of the basement, but he hesitates to go ahead with the work <br />until the moisture problem is corrected. The Board will have our building <br />inspector check it and advise. 4) More than $13,000 have been received <br />since December of 1977 for upgrading of the Recreation Center. Head Start <br />pays $6,000 in rent for the building. They request a reduction of rent <br />in return for the upgrading because of rising costs. Mr. Stuart will <br />write a letter of request for this. 5) Use of kitchen at Recreation Center. <br />T.he Senior Citizens have asked for a change of time for nutrition program <br />from noon to 4:30 p.m. Head Start will still require use of kitchen <br />facilities at noon time. A meeting to discuss the change was set for <br />Thunsday at 10:30 a.m. <br /> <br />petition for Excise Tax Refund: from Roberts and Knapp for <br />The Tax was paid twice in error. Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, <br />Commissioner Brown to approve the refund. <br /> <br />$39.50. <br />second by <br /> <br />Petition for Tennis Court in Brinnon. 23 persons signed a <br />petition requesting a community tennis court in Brinnon. The Board will <br />check with Engineer Becker to see if the County has any land in that area. <br /> <br />Bike trails. The Chimacum Grange submitted a general request <br />for bike trails along county roads. Bike trails are included in the County <br />Road Program and will be added when improvements to roads are done. <br /> <br />Phil Best, Attorney, Toandos peninsula Association. Nine persons <br />from the Toandos peninsula Association appeared. A representative from <br />Pacific Rim appeared. Prosecutor Howard and Planner Dave Goldsmith were <br />present. Lester Lambert, President of the Toandos Association read aloud <br />and submitted in writing statements and recommendations regarding the build- <br />ing permit application and environmental impact of Thousand Trails Camper <br />Club. Attorney Best summarized the impacts. He quoted a case of Polygon <br />Corporation of May, 1978 which states that the state environmental policy <br />act is one of the pertinent laws which must be satisfied before issuance <br />of a building permit, and that a building permit can be denied on the <br />basis of environmental impact. Chairman Mercer asked if there was opposition <br />to the change of the entrance by Zelatched Road by the Toandos Association. <br />The Association has no objection, but the property owners affected by it <br />~u1d be contacted. The Board will take time to review all the information <br />presented. The following day the Board discussed the meeting with Prosecutor <br />Howard and decided to have the Planning Department prepare a supplement to <br />the original Environmental Impact Statement to include all the conditions <br />discussed so far. Then the Board will review before making a final <br />decision. <br /> <br />Formation of Cemetary District; Quilcene. 3 persons from <br />Quilcene appeared for the hearing in favor of the cemetary district. Motion <br />by Commissioner O'Meara to adopt the formation of Cemetary District No. 2 <br />and to put at least 3 names on the ballot for election in September. The <br />Board will sign the resolution when at least 3 names are submitted. Second <br />by Commissioner Brown. <br /> <br />[VOL 4 fm f-01375 <br />