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<br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUN~Y CO~WISSIONERS <br /> <br />. <br />!," ! <br /> <br />District No. 1 <br />District No. 2 <br />District No. 3 <br /> <br />Commissioner <br />Commissioner <br />Commissioner <br /> <br />A.M. O'Heara <br />B.G. Brown <br />Carroll M. Mercer, Chairman <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson, Auditor <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />-MINUTES- <br /> <br />December 4, 1978 <br /> <br />10:00 a.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Carroll M. Mercer with <br />all members present. <br /> <br />Hearing: County Budgets for 1979. Formal hearing opened this <br />date under provlslons of Washington State Laws of 1971, 1st Ex. Sess., <br />Chapter 36 SL for the purpose of adoption of the County Current Expense <br />Budget, including special revenue funds, the Road Construction Program, <br />and the setting of the County Property Tax Levy for the year 1979. <br />Preliminary hearings were advertised and held from the date of November <br />30, 1978, at which time the officials in charge of the various depart- <br />ments appeared to present their portion of the Budget to the Commissioners <br />and any interested taxpayer in attendance. Today's hearing shall be con- <br />tinued for a period of not more than five days. <br /> <br />Mildred Howard and six members of a c~amic group, "the Crackpots" <br />appeared to request continued funding by the County. Mrs. Howard stated <br />that the group cannot afford to pay monthly expenses without County assis- <br />tance. Board advised the reason the County has refused to continue funds, <br />is because of complaints from local ceramic merchants that the County was <br />taking their business away from them by funding a private group. Besides <br />other groups requesting funding also. After discussion Board advised the <br />group to reorganize their program and outline a budget and submit it for <br />consideration and possibly it will be accepted. It was also suggested the <br />group confer with the Community Action Council for necessary funding. <br /> <br />Hearing: Proposed Budget Extension; Maintenance Department <br />Multi-Services Centers. No one appeared to speak for or against proposed <br />extension. Therefore it was moved by Commissioner O'Meara, seconded by <br />commissioner Brown to sign Resolution #90-78; Order - Budget Extension <br />Maintenance Department for Multi-Services Centers in the sum of $3,188.00. <br />Unanimous. <br /> <br />Motion by Commissioner Brown, seconded by Commissioner O'Meara <br />to name County Road No. 45.80 Strawberry Lane. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Ray Haapala appeared reo Fencing of property under lease by <br />Willard J. Gariss. . Haapala advised the Board that he subleased the property <br />from Mr. Gariss in order to graze sheep, but has been unable to do so <br />because a large portion of fence has been removed. Mr. Haapala is unclear <br />as to who removed it or why. He thinks the City or Contractor Jimmy Cotton <br />removed it. After discussion the Board advised they will contact Contract- <br />or Jimmy Cotton on the matter <br /> <br />Tom Murkowski, U.S. Forest service, appeared to see if the <br />County would be interested in entering an inter-agency agreement reo surfacing <br />a certain area of County road in Quilcene. The Board referred him to County <br />Engineer, Milt Sanstrom, for cost figrures, estimates, and forms that would <br />need to be filled out. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />Frank Jackson, Extension Agent, appeared regarding the Agricul- <br />tural Budget. The Board reviewed his proposed 1979 budget. <br /> <br />Resolution No. 91-78 reo Order of Vacation; po~ion of County <br />Road No. 70. With respect to the vacation set forth in "Resolution No. <br />61-78, Intent to Vacate". Mason County submitted in writing that they do <br />not require Mr. Crowell to give easement for the pole. Commissioner Brown <br />moved to approve and sign the above resolution. Commissioner O'Meara secon- <br />ed the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />..VDL <br /> <br />.4 rAtE <br /> <br />02274 <br />