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<br />RESOLUTIOH NOo C-523 <br /> <br />Resolution authorizing filing of application lJith the Housing ar:.d Harle Finance <br />^ TU . t d "',. f {,,' f t'''' " c-, '1" . -L ~l -' <br />l>.gency, .111 e 0 .11",'11er1Co., or n gran unaer 'c,ne -';err:lB Ol .t"U,)_l.G 2,H jLI.~, <br />8hth Congress, as amended by the Public vJorks Accelerntion Act. <br /> <br />U:-IEPi::A,S" under the terms of said Public La1\T 345, as amended, the United States of <br />&"'11.erica has authorized the maldng of gr[lnts to public bodies to aid in financing the <br />constl~ction of specific projects: <br /> <br />I'TaH Therefore, Be It Resolved By The Board of County COfrJnissioners <br /> <br />1 <br />-'~. <br /> <br />That Edlrin A. !Jecker, COU~'lt,y Ensineer be and he is hereel}' authorized to execute <br />and file 3n appliccrljion on behalf of Jefferson COlmty, State of 'iToshing;ton 1>J:.Lt11 <br />the "Ious'ing and HOD.e Finance AGency, United Goyermment t ~or a grcmt to <br />aid in financing the construction of Elevato~_::::.~~T,J' ~ourt"_ollse ._~____. <br /> <br />2. T112t E:cIT'rin J.\.. Becl(e)~, COllntJ-T ED.gine8r lJG and 11C iE~ '-1GrG1JY allthol#fj_zed fE1d dix'ected. <br />to furnish such information as the Housing and 'Tone Finance Agency may reasor:al-,ly <br />?'equest in cO!T1ection uith the 8pplication 1"rhich is herein authorized to 1'8 filed. <br /> <br />DATE~D this 5tll <br /> <br />o::~ Hov., 1962 <br /> <br />?CAH.D OF C()Tjlr[')~ C()I.]:-_--rS5!CI\~PB <br /> <br />E;EJtI; <br /> <br />~~.~ <br /> <br />-iJ!~-~~. <br />-:;ta-t[ az~ <br />:;enbor ---=~_.--/ ----..... <br /> <br />C11i1il~nal1 <br /> <br />---_.-......~_......~ .-..-- <br /> <br /> <br />~. <br /> <br />ariCI Ex- <br />