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001 90[Icon] Order: Budget Appropriations/Extensions Various County Offices
002 90[Icon] Establishing Private Road Names: Martingale Place, Topside Court
003 90[Icon] Establishing Private Road Name: Bluebird Lane
004 90[Icon] Establishment of a Petty Cash Fund: Bayshore Motel
005 90[Icon] Adoption of the County Comprehensive Plan Optimum Land use
007 90[Icon] 1989 Budget Transfers: Commissioners, Treasurer, Juvenile Services, Auditor, Elections, Public Attor
008 90[Icon] Establishing the Name for Certain Private Roads: Woodland Drive, Parkridge Drive, Cottonwood Court,
009 90[Icon] Hearing Notice: Intent to vacate County Road Right-of-Way South Bay Lane
010 90[Icon] Establishing and Budget & Fund for the Bayshore Motel
011 90[Icon] Repayment of Loan: Washington State Water Pollution Revolving Fund
012 90[Icon] 1989 Budget Transfers: Various County Departments
013 90[Icon] 1989 Budget Transfers: Various County Departments
014 90[Icon] Establishing Private Road Names: Jupiter Loop, Lovers Lane, Madrona Ridge Drive (Quilcene)
015 90[Icon] Order of Vacation: Portions of South Bay Lane
016 90[Icon] Order of Vacation: Streets & Lot Lines C.P. Ferry's Plat
017 90[Icon] Establishing the Name for a Private Road: Admiral's Row
018 90[Icon] Initiating a County Road Project CR0883: Rhody Drive
019 90[Icon] 1990 Budget Transfers: Human Services; Substance Abuse
020 90[Icon] Vacation of Lot Lines: Lots 3-13 Block 9 Woodman Plat
021 90[Icon] Authorizing the County Treasurer to Begin Foreclosure Proceedings
022 90[Icon] RID 1 & 2 Adoption of the Glen Cove Transportation Plan
023 90[Icon] Support of HB 2528 and SB 6358 Additional State Funding for Transportation.
024 90[Icon] Order to Vacate: Alleys in the Eisenbei's Bayview Addition
025 90[Icon] Hearing Notice: Budget Appropriation/Extension
026 90[Icon] Establishment of a Records Management Program for All County Departments
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