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001 19[Icon] RESOLUTION and APPOINTMENT LETTER(s) (2) re: Appointing At-Large Members to Serve on the Public Infrastructure Fund (PIF) Board; Four (4) Year Term to Expire January 28, 2023; 1) EDC Representative, Brian Kuh; 2) Four (4) Year Term to Expire January 28, 2023; EDC Alternate Representative, Bill Lowry
002 19[Icon] RESOLUTION and APPOINTMENT LETTER re: Appointing Government Representatives to Serve on the Public Infrastructure Fund (PIF) Board; No Term Expiration; Jefferson County Public Utility District #1, Commissioner Dan Toepper to replace the outgoing PUD Commissioner, Wayne King
003 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Authorize Support for a Jefferson County Project for the 2019 Public Infrastructure Fund (PIF) Application Process – Center Road Sidewalk Improvements
004 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Directing the Creation of a Jefferson County Conservation District Fund; Fund No. 648-000-010
005 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Notice of Intention to Sell Surplus County Property; House and Small Structure Located on Parcel No. 991 200 304 Commonly Known as 231 Rodgers Street, Quilcene, WA (Lot is Not Offered as Surplus Property for Sale)
006 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Re-Establishing JC Cash Drawer, Petty Cash Account & Revolving Fund Amounts in Various County Departments
007 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Approving the Contract regarding Solid Waste Transport and Disposal for Jefferson County with Regional Disposal Company
008 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Notice of Intention to Sell Surplus County Property
009 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Recognizing that Public Health is Essential State-Wide, the BOH call on the Washington State Legislature to Provide the Critical Down Payment to Support Core Services in all Communities
010 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Support for Raising the Legal Sales-Age for Tobacco and Vapor Products from 18-21
011 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Determination to Declare certian County Property as Surplus and Dispose: 231 Rodgers Street, Quilcene House and Small Structure
012 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Activating Fund 627-000-010 Treasurer’s Trust Fund
013 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Authorize 2019 Public Infrastructure Fund (PIF) Grant Awards
014 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Finding and Determination of Declare Certain County Equipment as Surplus and Sell Surplus Property
015 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Certification of Compliance for CDBG Public Services Grant
016 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Authorizing the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners to Legally Bind Jefferson County with Respect to Two Applications for Grant Assistance to the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)
017 19[Icon] Joint Resolution w/Health Board Establishing a Regulatory Reform Program
018 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: HEARING NOTICE: First Quarter 2019 Budget Appropriations/Extensions; Various County Departments; Hearing scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Chambers at the Jefferson County Courthouse, 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA
019 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Creating a County Project Designated as Thorndyke Road M.P. 4.71 Culvert Replacement
020 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Amending the FLSA and Union Exempt 2019 WageTable
021 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: ORDER: Budget Appropriations/Extentions for Various County Departments
022 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Calling for a special election on August 6, 2019 Jefferson County Fire District No. 1 DBA East Jefferson Fire Rescue for a Ballot Proposition to Expand its Board of Commissioners from 3 Persons to 5 persons
023 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Construct Roads & Utilities on a Portion of Public Right of Way Known as Cleveland Street
024 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Declare Certain Personal Property as Surplus and Authorize Disposal
025 19[Icon] RESOLUTION re: Personnel Administration Manual
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