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001 00[Icon] Order re: 1999 Budget Appropriations/Extensions Various County Departments
002 00[Icon] Establishing the Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 2000
003 00[Icon] Providing for Transfer of Lead Entity Status to Grays Harbor County for Watershed and Salmon Enhance
004 00[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1480; Widen Road, Drainage Improvements and Bituminous Sur
005 00[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1443; Grading, Drainage Maintenance and Resurfacing Existi
006 00[Icon] Creating a County Project Designated as CR1444; Resurface Existing Gravel Surface with Bituminous Su
007 00[Icon] Agreeing that the County and Hospital District #2 will plan and develop facilities to house the Heal
008 00[Icon] Establishment of a Fund to be Known as the Youth Initiative Pilot Project (YIPPEE)
009 00[Icon] Hearing Notice: Proposed Budget Appropriations-Extensions; Youth Initiative Pilot Project Fund; Set
010 00[Icon] Finding and Determination: Sale of Surplus County Personal Property
011 00[Icon] Membership in the Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee (Adds Port of Port Townsend as Ex-Offi
012 00[Icon] In Support of Establishing the Olympic Gateway Visitor Center for Jefferson County, Project #RO1435
013 00[Icon] Extending the Emergency Interim Controls Ordinance (EICO) No. 06-0828-98 for Additional Six (6) Mont
014 00[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log: Clear View Place, Outlook Lane
015 00[Icon] In support of SJR 8212 (a cover letter to sent to the County State delegation as well as members of
016 00[Icon] Vacate a Portion of Holly Street and Evergreen Avenue; Evergreen Addition; Jerry Lamphear, Petitione
017 00[Icon] Vacate a Portion of Blanche Avenue and Marion Street; Morrissey Addition; Nancy Stratton, Petitioner
018 00[Icon] Re-establishment of Jefferson County Cash Drawer Amounts and Petty Cash Accounts in Various County D
019 00[Icon] Order: 2000 budget appropriation/extension for the Youth Initiative Pilot Project Fund ($69,745.00)
020 00[Icon] Applying for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG); Planning Only Grant to Develop a Sub-Area Pla
021 00[Icon] Reimbursement to Certain County Officials for Use of Personal Vehicles
022 00[Icon] Designation of an ApplicantΓÇÖs Agent Disaster No. 1159; Appointing Public Works Director Gary Rowe
023 00[Icon] Providing a Loan to the Jefferson County Housing Authority (JCHA) from the General Fund creating a m
024 00[Icon] Petition to Establish a Port Ludlow Drainage District; Hearing Scheduled for Tuesday, May 16, 2000 a
025 00[Icon] Re-Establishing the Jefferson County Employee Memorial Rose Garden (Repealing and Replacing Resoluti
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