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001 89[Icon] An Intent to Vacate a County Road Right-of-Way: Garden Club Road
002 89[Icon] Order: 1988 Budget Appropriations and Extensions: Various County Departments
003 89[Icon] Intent to Vacate a County Road Right-of-Way: Garden Club Road
004 89[Icon] 1988 Budget Transfers
005 89[Icon] Revising a County Project Designated as CR0719: Owl Creek Bridge
006 89[Icon] To Increase Election Officers Rate of Pay: Increase Washington State Minimum Wage
007 89[Icon] 1988 budget Transfers: Various County Departments
008 89[Icon] Order: Vacation of a Portion of Garden Club Road
009 89[Icon] Updating Official County Road Log: Addition of West Notton Road
010 89[Icon] Employing Attorneys to Act as Bond Counsel
011 89[Icon] Establishing Travel Allowance rate for County Employees using Private Automobiles (Repeals & Replace
012 89[Icon] 1989 Budget Transfers: Human Services and Clerk
013 89[Icon] Re-Establishing Petty Cash Accounts: All Departments
014 89[Icon] Establishing Private Road Name: Burns Road (Off Oak Bay Road near Sentinel Firs)
015 89[Icon] Establishing Private Road Name: Cliffside Drive (Off Cape George Road)
016 89[Icon] Authorizing the Establishment of a Petty Cash Fund: Assessor's Office
017 89[Icon] Establishing a Name for a Private Road: Shika Road
018 89[Icon] Establishment of the Jefferson County Parks Advisory Board
019 89[Icon] Establishment of a Name for a Private Road: Snagstead Way
020 89[Icon] Amending the Ordinance Regulating Traffic on a County Road: Clearwater Road (Speed reduced from 40
021 89[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log
022 89[Icon] Increasing the Petty Cash Fund: Prosecuting Attorney
023 89[Icon] Amending Residential Setback Line for Lot 173 Kala Point Division #3
024 89[Icon] Cancellation of Unclaimed Warrants
025 89[Icon] Adopting a Cost Allocation Plan for Fiscal Year 1989
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