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<br />fI' <br /> <br />... .~- ... <br /> <br />fI' <br /> <br />RESOLUTIOAl, 1'40. C - tf f? j- <br /> <br />It appearing to the Board of County Commissioners for <br /> <br />Jefferson County that the following described portion of the <br /> <br />county road, to-wit: <br /> <br />That portion of the old Jefferson-Clallam county <br />road, established September 7, l898l beginning <br />at the northerly boundary of the SW1;.of the SEl <br />of section 11, township 29 north, range 2 west, <br />W. M., extending thence northwesterly through <br />sections 11, 2 and 3 to the west line of section <br />3, township 29 north, range 2 west, W. M. <br /> <br />is useless and said Board does now declare its intention <br /> <br />to vacate and abandon the same, therefore, <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED and the County Road Engineer be, and <br /> <br />he is hereby directed to examine the same and report his <br /> <br />opinion as to whether the same should be vacated and aban- <br /> <br />doned, and whether the same is in use or has been in use, <br /> <br />the condition of the road, whether it will be advisable <br /> <br />to preserve it for the county road system in the future, <br /> <br />whether the public will be benefitted by the vacation and <br /> <br />abandonment, and all other facts, matters and things w.ich <br /> <br />will be of importance to this,Board, and it is further <br /> <br />ORDERED that said County Road Engineer tile his said report <br /> <br />on or before January 2, 1962. <br /> <br />ADOPTED this l8t~ day of December, 1961. <br /> <br />BOARD OF COUITY COMMISSIONERS <br />FOR JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> <br />- <br /> <br /> <br />~~~~ <br />ountl Au. or and <br />Ex-officio Clerk ot <br />Said Board ot County <br />C1:JinIli.sionera <br /> <br /> <br />~~"i"'~ ~\.~\ <br />C. ir-.n <br /> <br />/ <br />/" <br />" /r " ' <br />;__-/,,,- '~L-,-{ <br />~-...J # <br /> <br />e, <br />,"/ <br />C~r <br />