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JEFFERSON COUNTY CENTRAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br />Through December 31, 2020 <br />PREAMBLE <br />It is hereby agreed between JEFFERSON COUNTY, the Employer and TEAMSTERS LOCAL <br />#589, the Union that the employment of all employees working in the CENTRAL SERVICES <br />DEPARTMENT, as shown in Appendix "A" shall be governed by the following conditions. <br />Employees of the Central Services Department working in classifications not listed in Appendix <br />"A" are exempt from this Agreement. It is also understood and agreed that the County possesses the <br />sole right to operate the Central Services Department in order to properly carry out the functions of <br />County government and that all management rights rest with the County except as may be <br />specifically restricted by this document. <br />ARTICLE I - UNIONNOTIFICATIONAND FEES: <br />1.1 Notification of New Hires: The Employer agrees to notify the Union each month when new <br />employees are hired providing the employee's name, date of hire, position and wage rate. As <br />provided in RCW41.56.037 the Employer shall provide the exclusive bargaining <br />representative reasonable access to new employees of the bargaining unit for the purposes of <br />presenting information about their exclusive bargaining representative to the new employee. <br />1.2 Payroll Deduction Procedure: As provided in RCW 41.56.110 the Employer shall deduct <br />and transmit monthly those regular Union initiation fees, dues, and regular assessments from <br />the pay of each employee who so affirmatively authorize in writing the Employer to make the <br />deduction. Employee affirmative authorization forms shall be retained by the County. In <br />addition, the Employer shall provide the Union with a list of employees and their respective <br />Union -related deductions. The Union agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Employer <br />harmless against any and all claims, suits, orders and judgments brought against the Employer <br />as a result of or arising from any payroll deduction made on the Union's behalf. The Union <br />may give the Employer thirty (30) days written notice to discontinue payroll deductions for <br />any employee subject to this Section. <br />1.3 Part-time employees, who are not "extra help," "Casual Labor," or "Clerk Hire" may perform <br />bargaining unit work. All benefits conferred by this contract shall be prorated on the basis of <br />hours compensated to the part-time employee in relation to 2080 hours. The parties agree that <br />part-time employees will not be used to supplement historic full-time jobs except for bona fide <br />employee accommodation and job share situations. <br />1.4 The Employer hereby reserves the right, subject to the exclusive discretion of the Employer, to <br />discharge any employee in its employ if the employee's work is not satisfactory. Reason for <br />discharge shall be furnished in writing. <br />1.5 No worker shall be discharged or discriminated against for upholding Union principles; and <br />any worker who works under the instructions of the Union, or who serves on a committee, <br />shall not lose their position or be discriminated against for this reason. <br />1.6 The Employer agrees not to enter into any agreement or contracts with its employees <br />individually or collectively which in any way conflicts with the terms and provisions of this <br />Jefferson County- Central Services <br />& Teamsters Union Local #589 <br />Page 1 <br />CBA for 2018 through December 31, 2020 <br />