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001 91[Icon] Proclamation of Emergency: Due to December 28, 1990 storm
002 91[Icon] Establishing a Name for a Private Road: Fawn Meadow Road Private Road off of Van Trojen Road
003 91[Icon] Designat¬ing certain County Roads as Primitive Roads (Repeals and Replaces Resolution No. 55-80) an
004 91[Icon] Setting the Prosecuting Attorney's Salary for 1991
005 91[Icon] 1990 Budget Transfers: Various County Departments
006 91[Icon] Order: 1990 Budget Appropriations/Extensions: Vario¬us County Departments
007 91[Icon] Updating the Official County Road Log: Addition of Florence Street, Flamingo Road and Pelican Place
008 91[Icon] 1990 Budget Transfers: Various County Departments
009 91[Icon] Cancellations of Unclaimed Warrants
010 91[Icon] Establishing CR0953: Chimacum Road Improvement Project; Milepost 0.08 to Milepost 0.35
011 91[Icon] Establishing a Change in the Maintenance of Bene¬fits Section of the Teamsters Union #589 Contracts
012 91[Icon] Establishing the Name for a Private Road; Juanita Drive
013 91[Icon] Order of Vacation; a Portion of Old Church Road in Wor¬thington's Addition to Quilcene; Pleines, Pe
014 91[Icon] Re-Establishment of Jefferson County Petty Cash Accounts
015 91[Icon] Authorizing the Jefferson County Planning and Building Depart¬ment Director to Sign the Centen¬nia
016 91[Icon] Authorization of the Human Services Department Administrator to approve the Mental Health Program Po
017 91[Icon] Revising County Road Project: Chimacum Road Im¬provements
018 91[Icon] Authorizing A Loan from the County Capital Improve¬ment Fund to the Port Townsend Community Center
019 91[Icon] Hearing Notice: Application for Franchise: Con¬struct and Maintain Sewer System; Cotton Construc¬t
020 91[Icon] Order of Vacation: Portion of Station Prairie Road; Woodland Hills
021 91[Icon] Additions to the Official County Road Log: Woodland Hills Develop¬ment, Airport Cuttoff Road; Woodl
022 91[Icon] Order of Vacation; A Portion of Unopened Arden Street in Irondale No. 3 and Various Lot Lines in Iro
023 91[Icon] Appointment of Mental Health Professionals: Elizabeth Reutlinger, Donna Greenway and Penney Hubbard
024 91[Icon] Order of Vacation; A Portion of Tukey Avenue and a Lot Line in Tukey's Addition 30 Feet wide adjoini
025 91[Icon] Proclaiming Washington's Victims' Rights Week - April 21 to 27, 1991
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