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Regular Agenda <br /> JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> AGENDA REQUEST <br /> TO: Board of County Commissioners <br /> Philip Morley, County Administrator <br /> FROM: Patty Charnas, Director, Dept. Community Development <br /> DATE: May 21, 2018 <br /> SUBJECT: Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort Continued Deliberations <br /> STATEMENT OF ISSUE: <br /> The Board established a public comment period and held a public hearing on proposed <br /> development regulations and a proposed development agreement for the Pleasant Harbor <br /> Master Planned Resort (MPR). This meeting will continue the Board's deliberations on those <br /> items. <br /> The hearing record contains over three hundred individual comment records. Two hundred <br /> eighty two (282) written public comments were received in addition to seventy-five verbal <br /> comments recorded during the public hearing. Staff has completed its compilation on all <br /> verbal and written comments into a matrix that includes a link to each individual comment. <br /> Staff has also prepared a staff report in response to comments received. Staff wishes to discuss <br /> this body of work with the Board and receive feedback and direction on revising the adopting <br /> ordinances for the Pleasant Harbor development regulations and Pleasant Harbor development <br /> agreement. <br /> ANALYSIS: <br /> A public comment period was established by the Board between February 7, 2018 and April <br /> 13, 2013 on the proposed development regulations, adopting ordinance and staff report and on <br /> the proposed development agreement, adopting ordinance and staff report. Many comments <br /> either stated support for or objections to the proposed Pleasant Harbor MPR. The majority of <br /> comments received in writing and verbally did not address the content of the proposed <br /> development regulations or development agreement. There were, however, comment letters <br /> that did comment specifically on the content of these items and those are being reviewed as <br /> providing a basis for potential revisions. <br /> To properly acknowledge every comment received, staff organized all comments in a matrix <br /> and provided each written comment a comment record number. A matrix summarizes each <br /> comment by recognizing whether it is stated a general comment in support of the MPR or a <br /> general comment in objection to the MPR regardless of whether the comment was directed to <br />