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LI: <br />County <br />`14FREAS P. proposed plan of access control '.-s h;�en preoared in accordRnsc wit'' the instruct 1 :n.5 <br />of the Washington State Highway C nmi ss ion for P. rnrtion of --LAQAFPAPX'�'?__ State !iq.hwiv No. <br />an,4. <br />"?�EPEAS a oortion or all of the oroposell hiqh—v imDroverpent lies within the �CuntY Of <br />POW THEFUCRE iE IT ^ESOLVED. in accordance •- it.- tha crovisiors of R;W V7,52.,^21, that the <br />County 0f <br />acting by ar? ,.:rot -,..h its Board of County Commissioners, 4oas hereby <br />consent to the establishment of limited access on thi foIiowinq described portion of <br />Stake Highway No. n '--,up. Ly <br />v08i4 oni .z..i:';J zlloi, ?, � o�A: tw <br />4 <br />Op W4- w.:2 <br />1U -;,W "gx- zwiAid -11, a I WOM" AiA 'Watwva <br />v <br />in accordance with the Dian entitled L 0, Fijnway No. <br />ui lwll�- ;v14-10 rkoeA <br />of <br />Sheets, PrnrGved by the C i rnct r of Highways on a orlot of which plan is <br />hereto attached ar,.4 made a rant of <br />BE IT FURTHP RESOLVED thit a couy of <br />, ,,, juticn s, be trar;s,.ittnl' to the W:,;- intitci <br />State Highway C,J ;6icn at Clymnia, Washington. <br />ADOPTED this -119-01 at a regular meeting of the County <br />'4 day of 1 <br />Z , -4 1 � <br />Commissioners -i�hini <br />of County, W tn. <br />E.`'_ <br />Att • A <br />AIMi - - or <br />Y.F. <br />12 !20 <br />70- <br />oncrs <br />p k- <br />