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�¢gON �o JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />w G� PLANNING COMMISSION <br />621 Sheridan Street I Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />360-379-4450 1 email: <br />9ghINGt� <br />TO: Jefferson County Board of Commissioners <br />FROM: Jefferson County Planning Commission <br />DATE: September 15, 2020 <br />SUBJECT: Jefferson County Planning Commission's Report and Recommendation for the <br />2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Final Docket <br />The Jefferson County Planning Commission (PC) has conducted its review of the 2020 Preliminary Docket <br />(attached) and forwards this report and recommendation to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners <br />(BoCC). This report identifies those suggested text amendments the Planning Commission is recommending for <br />consideration by the BoCC during the annual amendment process. We have based our recommendation on <br />need, urgency, and appropriateness of each suggested text amendment. <br />Additionally, the PC recommended four (4) suggested amendments for placement on the 2019 final docket. The <br />PC requests these items be placed on the 2020 Preliminary Docket for further consideration by the BoCC. <br />Due to the COVID pandemic, and the cancellation of ten (10) PC meetings from February thru July 2020, Staff <br />and the PC did not communicate regarding the March Vt deadline for inclusion on the preliminary docket and <br />those items were not initially included on the docket. After the August 5th PC meeting, and prior to the PC Public <br />Hearing of August 19th, Staff placed the subject amendments on the 2020 preliminary docket. <br />On August 19, 2020, the Planning Commission held a duly noticed public hearing to accept testimony regarding <br />the suggested text amendments on the Preliminary Docket. Thirty-seven written comments were received from <br />the public during the hearing which ended at 4:30 p. m. August 21, 2020. <br />The Jefferson County Planning Commission, representing the expressed will of the citizens of Jefferson County, <br />respectfully requests the opportunity to revisit the current marijuana, and Forest Transition Overly regulations <br />in order to refine, revise, remove and improve current regulations, consistent with Regulatory Reform <br />Resolution No. 17-19. <br />Further, the Jefferson County Planning Commission is advocating that the time to address pressing issues of <br />affordable housing with ultra -low -impact and impact -positive development is now. <br />We depend upon the Department of Community Development (DCD) to assist with the cultivation and analysis <br />of new approaches and ideas, especially when those new proposals are of an urgent planning nature. The PC <br />relies on DCD to provide community -based planning and analysis, it is critical that we fund additional DCD work <br />in the public interest in ways that are unattached to permit fees and are compatible with the Department's <br />everyday operations. We submit to you the following recommendations regarding which suggested text <br />amendments should be placed on the Final Docket: <br />